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    0 Machine Capabilities
    Our Water jet Machine uses a very high-pressure jet of water to cut through all types of foam to custom shapes and sizes. The water shoots throughout the full thickness of the foam for custom foam packaging and small or large volume quantity orders at 1/16” tolerances.
    0 Polystyrene Foam Cutting Services for Arts, Crafts & More
    Polystyrene foam is customizable cut foam designed to be made into many different shapes and sizes. Additionally, this material is comparatively lightweight and designed to be protected against the damaging effects of water, moisture, and high pressure. One of the most beneficial features of polystyrene foam is its resistance to fungi and mildew. This benefit alone helps keep many small spaces insulated with heat or cold.
    0 Polyethylene Foam and Its Uses
    Do you often hear sounds from outside your apartment, condo, or home that bother you? Or are you worried about bothering neighbors with sounds from inside your home? Here are some foam tips to address these noises and save you from spending money on unnecessary home renovations.
    0 What Is Charcoal Firm Foam Used For?
    The main use of Charcoal Firm Foam is to protect items from damage when storing or shipping them. This foam absorbs shock when items get bumped or dropped in moving and shipping.
    1 Visit the Showroom at Foam N’ More
    Since 1980, Foam N’ More Inc. has been the place that Metro Detroit has turned to for any foam product and accessory need. We’ve earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating as foam product manufacturers due to our commitment to high-quality products and dedicated customer service.
    0 Types of Foam That Use Waterjet Cutting
    Our waterjet machine uses a jet stream of water forced through a tiny nozzle at high pressure to perform precision cutting, piercing accuracies of ± .005 and leaving a smooth, precise edge. The waterjet machine cuts through the top of the foam’s surfaces with a water pressure of 30,000 psi. This machine’s pressure has the capability to cut wood, tiles, aluminum, and metals.
    0 Foam N' More Can Make Custom Headboards For You!
    Ditch the big expense of paying for a custom upholstered headboard! Custom foam headboards are the inexpensive alternative you need in comparison to traditionally upholstered headboards from the other guys. Our headboards here at Foam N’ More are custom-made foam, allowing our customers to create their own style to fit any room and any color scheme you need!
    0 Themed Party Decorations Using Polystyrene Foam
    Our products at Foam N’ More cover a huge range of purposes for your home or business. We offer so many different shapes and sizes, you are bound to find something that matches your exact needs. What’s better is that our products are lightweight and easily transportable, making your life so much easier if you are a wedding planner or event coordinator.
    0 Special Shapes & Sizes for Custom Foam Mattresses
    If you are on the go on the boat or would like some specialty comfort while you sleep, custom foam mattresses are the way to go. Foam N’ More can create a mattress that fits the exact shape and size that you need for your bed. From adding layers to your bed topper to cutting the precise dimensions of a boat or camper mattress, let the foam fabrication experts bring the utmost comfort even when you aren’t at home!
    1 DIY Dining Room Chairs and Booth Seating
    Here at Foam N’ More, we are your one-stop shop for all things foam! There are many different types of foam, which can be used for all your DIY needs. DIY has been very popular among a lot of people as a creative outlet and hobby. It has also been described as a “self-made-culture In”, which a lot of people have taken their interest in redoing furniture and made it into a small business venture.