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    Bass Absorbers

    Foam N’ More Inc offers a variety of different sizes of bass traps to absorb throughout most frequencies, depending on their thickness. Bass absorbers will quiet down low to mid-bass frequencies and come in solid, pyramid, or wedge-shaped to give it depth mass for the sound waves to travel through which will provide the room a better absorption. Bass Absorbers are recommended to be placed on the four upper ceiling corners and then if you have left over they can be stacked up along the wall edges.

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    Bass Traps

    Starting at $2.95

    Bass traps acoustic foam absorbers will minimize standing waves and flutter echoes. The design prevents unwanted reflections and enriches sonic conditions on a comprehensive scale. Acoustic bass absorbers can be use for mastering rooms, home entertainment rooms and concert halls.

    Corner Block

    Starting at $0.31

    Corner Blocks are specially designed to install in the corner of a room. These blocks work well, to reduce low-frequency sound in any room. This foam can be a great option for preventing sound reflections in the workplace.

    Corner Kit for Ceiling

    Starting at $10.30

    Corner Kit for wall and ceiling edges are designed with one foam cube and three acoustic bass absorbers. This type of design will allow you to trap bass in a larger room at the intersection of walls.

    Corner Kit for Ceiling- Small

    Starting at $11.95

    This Small Corner Kit for Ceilings is specially designed to mount on ceiling corners. It has both home and industrial uses for trapping bass at the intersection of walls.

    Edge Corner Acoustic Tiles

    Starting at $2.45

    Our Edge Corner Acoustic Tiles include a unique design to control sound. Tiles are put together against a 90-degree corner, to minimize standing waves and flutter echoes.

    Outer Edge Corner Pyramid Bass Traps

    Starting at $8.95

    Our Outer Edge Corner Pyramid Bass Traps provide an increased area for greater sound absorption. They also smooth out low frequencies and can be used for any outside corner.