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    Foam Specialists

    We specialize in custom-cut foam, foam sofa replacements, acoustic wall tiles, medical bed wedges, high-density mattresses, foam packaging, closed-cell foam, round foam mattresses, soundproofing, sound deadening, cornices, upholstery, custom pet beds, feather-down cushions, outdoor foam, rebounded foam, cornices, bay windows cushions and cornices, medical foam, stress-relief pillows, studio foam, basement pole bumpers, safety foam, industrial foam, outdoor foam, packaging foam and acoustic foam. Custom foam fabrication is also available. Contact us for further details! We look forward to hearing from you.

    Featured products

    Charcoal Firm Foam


    Protect your products with charcoal firm foam.  We can custom pad your fragile equipment in a case of any shape and size! Our foam is lightweight and is excellent for cushioning your items during shipping, warehousing, or general handling.

    Drain Dry Foam


    Dryfast foam also known as EZ-Dry is our most popular outdoor foam seat, back and mattresses cushion applications. With open pores, this foam has a 1 to 3 hour drying time and can be left outside all the time. To make the foam last longer it is best to storage the foam when it is not in use.

    84" Round Mattress


    Our 84" round foam mattress is uniquely made to withstand heavy usages throughout the lifetime of your ownership. We only use the best quality materials and proper production methods when manufacturing our mattresses.

    Pole Bumper- Indoor


    Protect your child by adorning your metal or wooden poles with our Indoor Pole Bumpers. These foam tubes easily wrap around poles. With a single slit along the side, you just open and push over the pole. They can be used on round or square poles. Custom shapes and sizes are available.

    Carpet Padding- Rebounded Foam


    Improve the longevity and appearance of your carpet with the addition of Carpet Padding-Rebounded Foam. This rebounded polyurethane foam provides cushioning, comfort and durability needed to absorb foot traffic.