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    Medical Foam

    Foam N' More provides a one stop shop for all Medical Foam needs and offers the best comfort and support. 

    The various types of medical foam we offer are listed below:

    • Leg Wedges
    • Stress Relief Back support Wedge– half size or full bed sizes
    • Stress Relief memory foam– neck, back, seat & legs
    • Stress Relief foam pillows– neck, back, seat & legs
    • Medical Foam Accessories- back, seat & legs with custom sew vinyl covers
    • Custom sew covers with vinyl

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    Angled Leg Wedge

    Starting at $16.85

    The Angled Leg Wedge provides relief and support to reduce pressure off of ankles, legs, knees, hips, and lower back. It can be used for injuries, before or after surgery, for better blood circulation, blood flow to the brain, and less pressure on your back.

    Arm Foam Support

    Starting at $165.00

    Need help getting off the couch, or love sofa seat. Have Trouble Standing Up From Low Chairs or Couches? Try this product. An extra firm support for your arm, to help get off from the soft cushions or for people who have a hard time getting up do to medical condition. Contact us for Custom Sizes.

    Back & Sides Support

    Starting at $16.95

    Back & Side Supports are used to help align and support your neck, back, sides, and hips. It helps relieve stress on your vertebrae and is made out of gel memory foam which relaxes the muscles and joints in the lumbar region of the back.

    Back Relief Stretches

    Starting at $95.00

    Do you have moderate back pain that comes and goes? If so, it is very important to stretch it out at least twice a every day and continue to work on your body core muscles. This firm foam medical device immediate relief from back pain and stop suffering during the day. Save time and money visiting doctors and physical therapy. With just a few minutes of daily use you can experience positive yoga stretches results..

    Body Wedge Full Length

    Starting at $148.00

    This Full-Length Body Wedge comes with a cover and your choice of a 1" or 2" thick Memory Foam Topper x 72″ long x 27″ wide. It provides comfortable support in a variety of positions; ideal for head, and back elevation. It helps ease respiratory problems, neck pain, shoulder pain, or back pain. The Memory Topper is made of extremely strong, high-density, foam, and molds to every curve of your body for a soft supportive pad.

    Car Seat Orthopedic Wedge

    Starting at $38.85

    The Car Seat Orthopedic Wedge is a comfortable car seat wedge specially designed for the person that needs their car seat to be raised higher or fill in the hollow areas for the back of the seat. This wedge will help improve spine alignment, while keeping the user comfortable in an upright position. This seat wedge is unique because it will contour perfectly to a Car, Truck, RV, Van, SUV seat without being too big, or bulky and will fit tightly into place.