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    Shipping Policy

    Shipping Prices

    Please feel free to call or email us with what you would want to order and provide us with your shipping zip code and we can give you a more accurate combined shipping cost for your respective package.

    Shipping costs will be different depending on what state you are in. Shipping cost's may be higher if the order is shipping on the west coast, to Alaska, or Hawaii, and of course for out of Country locations; because we are located in Michigan.

    Many items cannot be estimated for shipping. Foam N' More Inc. shipping cost is extra and will be assessed based on the size of the package and the weight of your order. Foam N' More will refund the difference if shipping costs are below $23. A representative from Foam N' More will contact you for shipping above $23. By using our check-out process you approve of us adjusting this shipping once the actual cost has been determined.

    How your item is being shipped

    All small package items are shipped UPS. Once your order ships out, UPS will email you a tracking number. UPS may not require a signature but if they do please inspect the package before signing. For any missing packages please check with your neighbors to make sure UPS did not miss delivery before you file a claim. 

    For larger orders, we may ship with a freight carrier. The carrier will be delivering it at the front door or garage (like a UPS package). When shipping freight there is always a chance the freight might be damaged, if this is ever the case please inspect the pallet before signing.  We put extra foam to protect your merchandise so please don’t mistake this as part of your order. If it is just the pallet (and the extra foam protector) that is damaged and not your merchandise please have the driver sign stating that just the pallet is broken and keep your order.

    If you see that your merchandise might be damaged please ask the driver if you can open the pallet a little more to confirm that merchandise is damaged. If you cannot use your merchandise because it is damaged please refuse the fright and it will come back to Foam N More. PLEASE TAKE PICTURES OF THE DAMAGE! When taking the picture please make sure you get up close and far away.

    If you sign for the freight you are signing to accept the freight as is and Foam N More will not be able to make a claim.

     If you have any other questions or need any more information please email or call to let us know.

    Vacuum Pack Orders:

    We vacuum pack the foam with all open-cell foams to reduce shipping costs. All Vacuum packed packages should be opened right away for best results and quicker recovered results. The longer you keep the foam compressed in the package the longer it takes for the foam to expand and may not come back to its original shape and size.  

    Once you've opened the package please give the foam 1-2 days to come back to its original shape. It will look a little misshaped and not measure to correct size until after you let it expand back out. Please contact us for any misshaped foam that has not come back to its original shape within 2 days after opening the package. Please supply us with photos of your package so that we can assess it and get the order corrected for you. 

    Once photos are emailed please call us right away to confirm that we have received the photos. All photos of misshaped foam must be emailed to us within 2 weeks upon delivery date. Foam N' More will not be responsible for any misshaped foam problems after 2 weeks upon delivery date.

    Foam N' More will not be responsible for any missing pieces for more than 2 weeks upon delivery.

    Shipping Lead Times:

    Foam N' More does not guarantee shipping dates unless a rush fee is applied. Our ship dates are only estimates and we will not be responsible if its ships out late or you do not get it in time.

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions on how on your item to us, contact us at:

    Please e-mail us at:

    Phone: (248) 837-2430
    Phone: (248) 284-0002

    Toll Free Phone: 866-212-6552
    Fax: (248) 284-0008

    We are located at:

    Foam N' More Inc.

    1177 W. Maple Rd.

    Clawson, MI 48017