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    Noise Control Tiles

    Adding acoustic foam in recording or radio studios, warehouse, churches, industrial and offices will soundproof your commercial space will lead to better productivity. Reducing small distractions, like the sound of the city or conversations by co-workers, can keep you more focused on your own projects. In the long run, this will lead to working harder, not longer, and putting out a better quality of work at the same time. What makes our acoustic foam unique from others?

    We offer a verity styles to choose from such as…

    Wedge Shape
    Pyramid Shape
    Bass Absorbers and Corner Kits
    Ceiling Tiles & hanging acoustic panels
    Convoluted Eggcrate Sheets
    One of kind stylish and unique kit sets
    Acoustic Logos can be created
    Available colors are charcoal, red, burgundy, blue, green, purple
    Acoustic foam with closed cell barrier to block noise
    Solid charcoal firm Foam for windows to block noise & sun light

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    6" and 8" thick Wedges


    6" and 8" thick Wedges are the best at absorbing a variety of sound frequencies. They are well designed and best for trapping and deflecting sound energy at rehearsals, radio stations, theater, churches auditoriums and more.

    Acoustic Full Size Sheets


    Acoustic Full Size Sheets have both residential and industrial uses. Wedge and pyramid shape foam are popular to control sound and eliminate unwanted noise in any circumstance.

    Ceiling Tile Panels


    Ceiling Tile Panels come with hooks a hanging solution to improve noise control. Acoustic baffles are recommended for industrial or home entertainment rooms where there is limited wall space.

    Pyramid Foam Tiles Sheets


    Pyramid Foam Tiles Sheets provide a virtually seamless installation. This noise control foam is designed as a sound damping solution to any room. It comes in 1", 1.5", 2", 3" and 4" thick.

    Stone Brick Panels


    Stone Brick Panels come as a sticker type, with adhesive back; which make it easily adjustable to fit your interior design. This foam type is mildew resistant and thermal insulation tested.

    Wedge Foam Tiles


    Wedge Foam Tiles are mostly used in medium-sized areas including vocal booths and studios. It effectively kills standing waves and flutter-echoes. These are a popular choice for sound control in most industrial and residential environments.

    Noise Control Tiles