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    Foam Packaging

    Foam packing sheets is available in any type of closed cell or open cell packing foam if you would like to do your own cutting. These sheets of foam can also come with adhesive backing. Most thicknesses are in stock and can also be custom cut to fit your needs.

    Our packing foam sheets come in the following foam types:

     - Anti-static foam
    - Light density foam
    - Firm density foam
    - Custom cut perforation in the foam
    - Eggcrate convoluted foam

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    We also offer custom foam packaging from hand-drawn paper templates or AutoCAD drawings. Visit our gallery page at the top of the page for custom-cut foam inserts. Our services are available to any manufacturer or customer that needs to protect delicate equipment, items, and or could even be for professional advertising devices. Handle and pad your items during shipping, warehousing or general handling. No minimum order required. Rush orders are available upon request.



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    2.3LBS Density Polyethylene Planks- Laminated

    Starting at $9.85

    Polyethylene Foam Sheets (also known as extruded Polyethylene) are laminated and have a 2.3 lb density. They are best used for products requiring a shock-absorbing, vibration dampening, insulation, barrier and/or buoyancy component. It provides cube optimization, it's durable, flexible and water-resistant.

    2lbs Minicell Foam

    Starting at $5.99

    MiniCell also known as crosslink polyethylene foam comes in a 2lbs density and exhibits a smooth surface. With an extremely fine uniform cell structure it offers excellent flexibility and resilience. Minicell foam can be used in Sports Padding, Gymnasium Wall Protection, Sports Flooring and Mats, Camping Pads. This foam also can be screen printed, if required.

    Anti-Static Pink Foam

    Starting at $13.00

    Antistatic Pink Foam is used to protect and cushion delicate electronic equipment during shipping. This foam is specially made to prevent electro-static charges given off by electronic components.

    Charcoal Firm Foam

    Starting at $8.00

    Protect your products with charcoal firm foam.  We can custom pad your fragile equipment in a case of any shape and size! Our foam is lightweight and is excellent for cushioning your items during shipping, warehousing, or general handling.

    Custom Foam Packaging

    Starting at $55.00

    Custom foam packaging is made to protect your items or equipment. Our foam design services can be custom to the shape, style, and size you are looking for. We provide foam protection for advertising cases, delicate and expensive equipment, and tools with foam slots and finger pull.

    Large Quantity Foam Packing

    Starting at $65.00

    Large quantity foam packing can be used for advertising to encase items such as musical instruments, tools, jewelry, computer cases,
    wine glass, telescope, and electronics.  It also protects delicate items during shipping and is foam filler for packaging. Large quantity foam packing is available for a discounted price upon request.