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    Closed Cell Accessories

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    480 pieces, 2,400 pieces & 4,800 pieces 3” x 3” x 3/4”
    Minicell Foam with Adhesive Backing
    Other sizes are available
    Waterproof Foam– Rooftop and corner protectors, knee pads, balancing I-Beams
    Archery and dart Target
    Sound Mufflers & Weather Strips

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    Balancing I-Beam With Cover

    Starting at $85.00

    This balance beam is a lightweight and portable for beginners and for learning fundamentals. Tapered to the floor to add stability. Comes with Vinyl Cover in Red, Blue, or Yellow

    Boat / Kayak / Canoe Rooftop

    Starting at $11.85
    Protect your car, truck and RUV roof top with this foam protector. It can be laid on top of any style small boat, kayak or canoe to keep your vehicle from scratches or indentation. This minicell foam comes in four pieces and will hold 900lbs.

    Foam Fitness Plyometeric Jumping Mats

    Starting at $395.00

    The Foam Fitness Plyometeric Jumping Mats are a must have training tool for explosive jumps and speed training. It's great for forward, lateral and other plyometric jumping drills. This 3-piece set is perfect for schools, home gyms and personal trainers that want a compact set of high quality plyo boxes.

    Sprung Dance Floors

    Starting at $77.85

    Our Sprung Dance Floors allows you to build your own dance floors. We can custom make Minicell foam blocks to adhere under the plywood which gives more bounce. This method gives the best resilience under the sub-floor and will retain its function for many years.

    Waterproof Knee Pads

    Starting at $18.99
    Our Waterproof Knee Pads comes in Black or Gray Minicell Closed Cell Foam. This lightweight foam pad is perfect for use around the house. Whether it's gardening, cleaning, or organizing this knee pad will protect your knees from injury. It has a built in, cut out carrying handle which also allows it to be hung up for easy storage. It’s thick and water resistant enough that it can be used to sit on outdoors as well keeping you dry and comfortable.

    Closed Cell Accessories