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    Upholstery Foam

    When ordering foam online, there are many important facts to consider. Price is always a key factor but make sure you are getting a good quality. Many vendors offer a low price with free shipping but give you a cheap quality foam product. Foam N’ More has high quality furniture grade foam that is a 2.8lb density. Most of our competitors only carry 2.6 or lower which will not be long lasting leaving you to reorder again soon.

    Foam density is a specific measurement of how much weight in pounds polyurethane foam can handle per cubic foot. This density rating tells you the strength of the foam; the higher the number the longer the foam will last. It should not be used exclusively as a sign of durability or comfort. Firmness and lifespan of foam products like mattresses and cushions depend on many factors that are not just limited to density of the foam.Please note: the density of our foam may vary slightly between each foam shipment.

    ILD or IFD measures the firmness of how hard or soft a foam is. The higher the number of the foam is, the firmer the foam is. This also represents how many pounds the foam will hold before it can and will collapse.

    ILD/IFD Example: when using a block of Luxury Firm High Density foam 12″ x 12″ x 12″ the ILD for that particular foam is 50. If you put an item that exceeds 50 lbs onto the foam then the block of foam will collapse and compress to the bottom.

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    Anti-Static Pink Foam

    Starting at $13.00

    Antistatic Pink Foam is used to protect and cushion delicate electronic equipment during shipping. This foam is specially made to prevent electro-static charges given off by electronic components.

    Charcoal Firm Foam

    Starting at $8.00

    Protect your products with charcoal firm foam.  We can custom pad your fragile equipment in a case of any shape and size! Our foam is lightweight and is excellent for cushioning your items during shipping, warehousing, or general handling.

    Standard Charcoal Foam

    Starting at $19.00

    Standard Charcoal Packing Foam can be used to protect items that are light while shipping. The high quality and overall durability make it great for long-lasting applications in foam packaging.

    High Density Foam Sample Pack

    Starting at $15.75

    Get to know the different types of foam first before you make an investment. Try our foam sample pack. The sample pack includes 10 different types of foam measured at 5” x 5” x 2".

    HD23 Soft/Medium Rubber

    Starting at $26.00

    Our HD23 Medium-Soft Rubber high-density foam has a medium-soft feel to the touch. It offers a high degree of comfort while retaining its shape and density.  If you are looking for soft comfort but long-lasting durability then this foam is for you!  It can be used for soft-to- medium foam mattresses, back cushions, or medical seat foam.

    Luxury Firm Foam

    Starting at $11.00

    Our Luxury Firm foam is a high density foam.  This foam grade is recommended for cars, seat pads, seat cushions and massage tables 4" thick or thinner. If you are looking for support and durability, then this foam is for you. This kind of foam has rubber based characteristics; which means it will maintain its original shape and density for many years with a high degree of support.