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    Polystyrene foam, or extruded polystyrene insulation, covers a huge range of purposes for your home or business. Because of its excellent water resistance, high insulation value, and superior compressive strength, extruded insulation with polystyrene is used for a variety of applications for above or below grade. We offer so many different shapes and sizes, you are bound to find something that matches your exact needs.  What’s better is that our products are lightweight and easily transportable, making your life so much easier if you are a wedding planner or event coordinator.

    Different Shapes of Polystyrene we offer…
    Decoration– Numbers, Letters, Tubes, Photo Studio Prop
    Table decorations for birthday, graduation, holidays & new year
    Baby and Numbers for glass tables
    Round & Square with Hollow cut out
    Solid shapes– round, square, rectangle, oval, star, and heart
    Floral Arrangement- round, square, rectangle, oval
    Solid Blocks
    Hot Tub Jacuzzi and Hot Wire Knifes
    Custom Polystyrene Foam in 1lbs, 2lbs & 3lbs Density Polystyrene

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    Egg Table Polystyrene Template

    Starting at $18.90

    Available Size: 22" Diameter
    Thicknesses: 1.5" thick

    1.5 lb Polystyrene Full Sheets

    Starting at $18.95


    Available Size: 96" x 48"

    Available Thicknesses: 1” Thick to 20" Thick

    Polystyrene Hotwire Knife

    Starting at $35.00

    The Tough 6″ Heated Rod ONLY with Pro Power Supply and Versatile Sled Guide.
    It heats to over 750 degrees Fahrenheit in one minute as well as turns corners and cuts circles. It is also offered in 110 and 220 volts.

    Adjustable Cake Dummy

    Starting at $49.85

    Kit includes: (Overall Size: 24"x 24"X 24")

    Custom sizes available. Please contact us for details.


    Starting at $8.00

    Great for indoor or outdoor decoration!

    Custom Design and sizes are available.

    Please contact us for detail

    1.5 lb Carving Polystyrene- Small

    Starting at $11.95
    1.5 lb Polystyrene is 12" x 12" x 12" and is very popular for countless craft projects and is easy to work with. Good for insulating and keeping heat or cold inside a particular room. Protects against moisture – this type of foam does not attract fungi or mildew.