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    What Is Charcoal Firm Foam Used For?

    charcoal firm foam examples

    The main use of Charcoal Firm Foam is to protect items from damage when storing or shipping them. This foam absorbs shock when items get bumped or dropped in moving and shipping. Charcoal Firm Foam is lightweight and provides good airflow to the packaged pieces. We also offer this in a softer version which is called charcoal regular as well as in pink antistatic foam.

    When protecting, you need to consider the firmness and weight of the foam. Charcoal Firm is a 1.8lb density with an ILD of 70. This is firm yet will cushion anything under a 50lb impact. 

    Custom Charcoal Firm Foam packaging gives your merchandise an eye-catching appearance when they are on display and also keeps them well-protected. Using Charcoal Firm Foam when packaging big case items such as tools and vittles will help you notice when something is missing.  Packaging hobbies items such as guns, cameras, and archery target arrows will help them from getting damaged.

    Waterjet cutting is available for custom packaging on items such as electronics, cosmetics, wine, and other delicate products. No minimum order is required.

    For entrepreneurs, do it yourselfers or those just trying to save money, buying full sheets and or convoluted shapes and then doing your own cutting is a great way to reduce costs.

    You can cut squares, circles, or rectangles shapes as thin as ¼” thick or as thick as 4” thick with sharp scissors, a knife, or an electric turkey knife.

    Let Foam N’ More cut these shapes for you at an affordable price. Protect your items from sliding. With the correct size and thickness, the compression and firmness that Charcoal Firm Foam offers will keep your items from breaking or damage.  It gives a protective wrap and fills in open space.

    Charcoal firm foam can also be used for a variety of other problem situations. Please look below for photo details.

    charcoal firm foam examples

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