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    High Density Foam

    Foam N' More offers a wide range of high-quality upholstery foam. Our in-stock sheet sizes are available to ship out immediately at an affordable price.  You will find this to be more cost-effective than ordering a custom piece of foam as these full-size sheets can be easily cut down with a sharp knife or an electric carving knife.

    From our long-lasting foam available in firm, medium, or soft 2.8lb densities to our occasional foam available in 1/4” to 6” thickness, Foam N' More is your one-stop foam shop.

    Below are the types of open-cell foam we carry:

    • 4lbs Gel Memory Foam
    • Rebounded Foam– Arabic Seating, Carpet Padding, Gym Mats, & Ottoman Seating
    • Tough Luxury– Extra Firm High Quality
    • Luxury Firm– Firm High Quality
    • Premium– Medium High Quality
    • HD23– Soft High Quality
    • Standard Medium– Medium Occasional Use
    • Plush Soft– Soft Occasional Use
    • Charcoal Firm Solid Sheets & Pink Anti-Static Foam for Packaging

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    Anti-Static Pink Foam

    Starting at $13.00

    Antistatic Pink Foam is used to protect and cushion delicate electronic equipment during shipping. This foam is specially made to prevent electro-static charges given off by electronic components.

    Carpet Padding- Rebounded Foam

    Starting at $93.85

    Improve the longevity and appearance of your carpet with the addition of Carpet Padding-Rebounded Foam. This rebounded polyurethane foam provides cushioning, comfort and durability needed to absorb foot traffic.


    Charcoal Firm Cube Ottoman

    Starting at $39.85

    Foam cubes are solid, light, compact and stackable. They can be used equally well for low seating during short conversations as for simulating elements of 3-D space at scale. These cubes can be configured into building blocks like walls, beds, a dark enclosed room. You can make cube castle, setting the stage for brainstorming on the topic of security. These tool foam cubes is a 1.7lbs density and has the ILD of 70.

    Charcoal Firm Foam

    Starting at $8.00

    Protect your products with charcoal firm foam.  We can custom pad your fragile equipment in a case of any shape and size! Our foam is lightweight and is excellent for cushioning your items during shipping, warehousing, or general handling.

    HD23 Soft/Medium Rubber

    Starting at $26.00

    Our HD23 Medium-Soft Rubber high-density foam has a medium-soft feel to the touch. It offers a high degree of comfort while retaining its shape and density.  If you are looking for soft comfort but long-lasting durability then this foam is for you!  It can be used for soft-to- medium foam mattresses, back cushions, or medical seat foam.

    High Density Foam Sample Pack

    Starting at $15.75

    Get to know the different types of foam first before you make an investment. Try our foam sample pack. The sample pack includes 10 different types of foam measured at 5” x 5” x 2".