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    2020, July

    0 Custom Cut Foam Packaging
    The expert foam fabricators at Foam N’ More can custom cut foam for all your packaging needs. If you need to add quality custom packaging to protect your products, our solutions can custom pad all your products and equipment in a case of any shape and size.
    0 Foam Wedges and Foam Bed Wedges
    When you think of foam wedges, do you ever think of cushions? Medical wedges may come to mind to those that elevate their legs to improve blood circulation. However, did you know you could get a wedge for your mattress?
    0 Wedge Acoustic and Pyramid Acoustic – What’s The Difference?
    Acoustic foam is used for so many needs. Let us show you how it can impact your home, office, or musical area. Call Foam N More, the foam fabricator specialists today at (248) 284-0002 for any questions you may have about acoustical foam or for any of your noise reduction needs.
    0 Sofa Back Cushions
    There are so many options that are available with cushion replacement for the back. At Foam N More, we offer different cushion replacement options that cater to your preferences of soft or firm backing.