Foam services

Custom Cut

Custom Cut Foam

Foam N' More replaces the foams in sofas, sectionals, and chairs for both seat and back cushions anywhere in houses, offices, community homes and business. You can bring in your cushion covers to our shop to stuff the new foam in for you or if you are out of state customers you can mail in covers, make a paper template or if you feel comfortable with just giving us sizes and we can custom make to any shape and size. This type of replacement is good for people who is in loves there furniture but do not want to spend the time and expenses for replacing new furniture. This type of service is good for Mattresses for trucks, Recreational Vehicles, Antique Beds with odd sizes, Benches, Bay Windows, Window Seat Cushions, Round Cushions, Dining Room Chairs, RV’ Cushions and beds, pet beds, bar Seat pads, Couch Cushions, Boat Cushions, Camping pads, Foam Bar Railing, Foot Stools, Round Mattresses and Foam Fillers (plug) for windows or bed frames.

Rectangle cushion
T-shape cushion
L-shape cushion
Odd Shape Cushion
Back bolster
Dining Kitchen Chair Foam
Right\Left Window Cushion
Back Cushion

Do you have a unique shape? Custom cut foam is our specialty! We can cut foam to any size
and shape.

Mattresses Bar Seats Benches
Round Mattresses Foam Bar Railing Foam Wedges
Mattresses for trucks Foot Stools Antic Beds
Couch Cushions Boat Cushions RV’s Beds
Seat Cushions Camping pads RV' Cushions
Back Cushions Window Seat Cushions Day Beds
Seat pads Back Relief Cushions Pet Beds
Bay Windows Foam Packaging Recreational Vehicle
Round Cushions Studio & Noise Control Boat Mattresses
Dining Room Chairs Ceiling Foam Tiles Crib Mattresses
Gym Mats Foam for Headboards Foam Filler for window or bed frame

Foam Packaging

Custom packing is available in…
Any type of closed cell or open cell foam with adhesive backing
We offer any type of drawing such as paper templates, or AutoCAD drawings
Anti static, lighter or firmer density, pick and pluck and Eggcrate convoluted Foam
Type size packaging big or small, thick or thin
Durable Fabric Packaging with different depth Cut Outs
No minimum order require
Rush orders are available

Foam Replacements

All Seat & Back Replacement which includes…..
Back Cushions– foam back bolster, box style, knife edge & Turkish Corner pleats.
Seat Cushion— Custom cut any shape and style for sofa, bar & bay seating and dining
All Foam Seating– Ottomans, Arabic back and seat cushions
Dining or Kitchen Chairs
Custom shapes– mail in paper templates, rocking chairs
Custom Covers and Dacron wrap on all seats and back cushions are available.

Upholstery Work

Decorative Pillows– foam, round bolsters, poly fill & feather down, back bolsters
Cushions– seating and dining room chairs on wood, bay window, ottoman seaing
Wall Panels– do it your self kit or upholster with fabri
Complete Upholster bed set and size including round beds
Cornices, Headboard, Benches, banquets and settees

Closed Cell Accessories

How to build & how many do you need
480 pieces, 2,400 pieces & 4,800 pieces 3” x 3” x 3/4”
Minicell Foam with Adhesive Backing
Other sizes are available
Waterproof Foam– Rooftop and corner protectors, knee pads, balancing I-Beams
Archery and dart Target
Sound Mufflers & Weather Strips