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    Do you have a product or many items that needs protection? Or do you want to give your items a professional look when your customers open your package? Protect your products out of foam. We can custom cut your foam pad to any shape or size. No minimum quantity required. We have different types of foam to choose from at affordable prices.

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    Charcoal firm foam, Minicell foam or Polyethylene is the most common type of foams that is use for padding cases with delicate equipment, cushions your items during shipping, warehousing, or general handling.

    Charcoal firm is an open cell foam which gives extremely good air flow to your items. This is beneficial for padding packages for shipping. This foam can be use when your equipment weights 50 pounds and under.

    Minicell and Polyethlene is a closed cell which is a stronger, firmer type of foam that can be use when your equipment weights 50 pounds and higher. Closed cell foam is recommended for multiple uses to prevent wear and tear.

    Please look below and click on the photos to enlarge to get a taste of what we can do with our waterjet cutting machine.

    These waterjet service are available to any manufacture or customer that needs to protect delicate equipment, and professional advertising their devices. This is the perfect environmentally friendly technology solution for nearly all cutting needs and is less expensive then laser and die cutting.


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