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    0 Medical Leg Wedges for Optimal Support
    Have you recently found your back aching after lying down to watch television or read a book? Are you finding yourself slouching while driving your car? Maybe you need better support while you sleep during the night? A lot of back pain and aching muscles are caused by lying down at an awkward angle and moving your back or legs a certain way. With a custom foam wedge by Foam N’ More, our premium foam fabrication will improve circulation and is therapeutically beneficial for relieving lower back and leg pain.
    1 Outdoor Patio Cushions and Outdoor Seating
    After looking at your patio furniture, are you debating on throwing it out? Take a look at replacing your old cushions with our outdoor foam!
    0 How To Measure Your Cushions
    Do you need to replace the foam on your sectional, couch, or sofa seat cushion? All you have to do is add your sizes on our drawing calculator page and Foam N’ More will cut the foam to shape and size and add Dacron wrap.
    0 The Comfort of Foam Mattresses
    Foam mattresses are custom foam padding for a truly great night’s sleep. Call Foam N’ More, the foam fabricator specialists today at (248) 284-0002 for any questions you may have about mattress foam and mattress padding, outdoor foam, pillow foam, patio cushion replacement foam, or any type of minicell or polyethylene foam near Troy, Michigan.
    0 Foam Pillows
    There are many different types of pillows out there for consumers to choose from. Most people may not realize the variety of choices and might just assume that a pillow is just a pillow. However, when it comes to a good night's sleep, doing your research into the type of pillow you should be sleeping on may be worth your effort.
    0 5 Different Types of Throw Pillows
    Throw pillows aren’t completely for decoration. Rectangle pillows and bolster pillows can support your lower back, and all of them can offer neck and head support if necessary.
    0 Dance Floors: Get Your Disco On!
    If you are looking for details about building your own padded spring floorboard, then you have come to the right place! Foam N’ More specializes in minicell cross-linked closed-cell foam blocks for dance floors, gymnasiums, and more. Our custom foam blocks rest above concrete and below plywood sheets to give the best resilience and retains premium quality.
    0 Custom Cut Foam Packaging
    The expert foam fabricators at Foam N’ More can custom cut foam for all your packaging needs. If you need to add quality custom packaging to protect your products, our solutions can custom pad all your products and equipment in a case of any shape and size.
    0 Foam Wedges and Foam Bed Wedges
    When you think of foam wedges, do you ever think of cushions? Medical wedges may come to mind to those that elevate their legs to improve blood circulation. However, did you know you could get a wedge for your mattress?
    0 Wedge Acoustic and Pyramid Acoustic – What’s The Difference?
    Acoustic foam is used for so many needs. Let us show you how it can impact your home, office, or musical area. Call Foam N More, the foam fabricator specialists today at (248) 284-0002 for any questions you may have about acoustical foam or for any of your noise reduction needs.