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    Medical Foam

    The various types of medical foam we offer are listed below:

    • Leg Wedges
    • Stress Relief Back support Wedge– half size or full bed sizes
    • Stress Relief memory foam– neck, back, seat & legs
    • Stress Relief foam pillows– neck, back, seat & legs
    • Medical Foam Accessories- back, seat & legs with custom sew vinyl covers
    • Custom sew covers with vinyl

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    Knee Wedge

    Starting at $17.85

    Our Knee Wedge will help give you the correct angle while laying in bed or relaxing on the sofa. It will take the pressure off your lower back and help give you a better night's sleep. This product is helpful if you are experiencing back pain, knee pain, varicose veins, phlebitis or restless legs or recovering from surgery.

    Large Waterproof Donut Seat Cushion

    Starting at $95.85

    The Large Waterproof Donut Seat Cushion is perfect for those who experience pain in the coccyx area. Our Ergonomic design helps reduce pressure to the painful area. It comes with 2 custom covers with zippers. The first cover is made from a white soft waterproof vinyl which is impervious to liquid or fluids; the second cover, you may choose from our options.

    Latex Chair Cushion

    Starting at $29.95

    Our Latex Chair Cushion is a combination of support and comfort. It helps to eliminate tossing and turning while sleeping and provides continuous support. The holes in the latex provide maximum airflow, preventing moisture and heat buildup throughout. The cushion is durable and will maintain it's shaped for years to come.

    Leg Support

    Starting at $4.99

    This Leg Support comes in a dog bone shape and is great for side sleepers to help keep your knees, legs and back in perfect alignment. Using this support will also aid in keeping your pelvis and hip area stablilized when you roll over.

    Leg Support Wedge

    Starting at $21.00

    The Leg Support Wedge keeps your legs secure in place. You can elevate one or both legs on top to help circulate your blood flow which will reduce pressure and pain on your lower back, hips, knee, and legs. This wedge also relieves varicose veins, swollen ankles, legs, and phlebitis. It comes in any height to give you the comfort that you are looking for. Add 1" Gel Memory foam to soften your support.

    Medical Bed Wedge Kit

    Starting at $125.00

    This kit comes with the following 4 products and a removable cover:

    • MemoryFoam
    • Bolster
    • Neck and Pillow
    • Wedge

    The wedge is made out of PolyFoam and comes in 6", 8", 10" or 12" heights.