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    Medical Foam

    The various types of medical foam we offer are listed below:

    • Leg Wedges
    • Stress Relief Back support Wedge– half size or full bed sizes
    • Stress Relief memory foam– neck, back, seat & legs
    • Stress Relief foam pillows– neck, back, seat & legs
    • Medical Foam Accessories- back, seat & legs with custom sew vinyl covers
    • Custom sew covers with vinyl

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    Memory Foam Bolster

    Starting at $10.99

    This Medical Bed Wedge Kit comes with 4 items to help relieve neck, back, and leg discomfort, and provide a good night's sleep. The kit consists of the following: Each piece is covered in a white zippered terry velour cloth which can be easily removed for washing.

    Memory Foam Pillow

    Starting at $46.85

    Our Memory Foam Pillow has 4lbs of Memory Gel and is a perfect balance of comfort, support, and relief. This contour bed pillow with channels is an extra soft contoured memory foam bed pillow in which air travels and circulates freely to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

    Neck Support

    Starting at $12.85

    Are you looking for neck support to help ease pressure on your cervical vertebrae as well as provide comfort and relief? Try our Neck Support, which can be used for massage tables, laying in bed or on your couch. It's also easy to travel with on airplanes or sleeping away from home.

    Neck Support Kit

    Starting at $24.85

    With our Neck Support Kit, you receive a Travel Pillow and a Neck Pillow. This is the perfect combination for your relaxation need. It is made out of our memory foam which contours to your body. This kit can be used for massage tables, lying in bed or on your couch. It is easy to travel on airplanes or sleeping away from home.

    One Leg or Arm Support

    Starting at $5.85

    Need support for arm, leg or foot injuries? Try our One Leg or Arm Support. It can be used to help elevate the injured area as well as provide relief to aid in comfort. Contact us for Custom Sizes.

    Orthopedic Chair Pad

    Starting at $39.85

    This Orthopedic Chair Pad is designed to prevent back pain and support good posture while cushioning the body. It gives constant comfort that continually adjusts when you change positions. This pillow comes in various firmness and can be custom made to fit your specifications. Please contact us for additional information.