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    0 Is It Time To Replace Your Outdoor Seat Cushions?
    It’s that time of year to get out into the sun. Backyard BBQs and swimming are all staples activities of this treasured season. This year, we’re extra anxious to be outside after being quarantined these last few months.
    0 Face Protection Options For The New Normal: Shields or Masks?
    The world has become a changing place and times like these make people look for ways to protect their families. One way is by wearing a mask when venturing out of the house. The mask is geared to protect you from coronavirus germs but is not something most of us are used to wearing. It makes it hard for everyone from those who pick up essentials with changing regulations to the employee going back to work for an eight-hour day.
    0 5 Different Types of Mattress Toppers
    If you’re not getting a great night’s sleep or your mattress is starting to get old, and you’re not ready to replace it, consider adding a mattress topper to your existing sleep set-up. Mattress toppers are a great way to preserve an existing mattress, improve your quality of sleep, and add an extra layer of cushion for bone and joint support. This also can be good if you have a friend or family member staying the night too.
    Different Ways to Soundproof Your Home
    If you’re not interested in hearing the sounds of the city as background music for your home life or you enjoy practicing your saxophone in the middle of the morning, you might want to consider soundproofing your home.
    4 Reasons to Have Window Seating in Your Home
    Have you ever considered adding a window seat to your place? If you’ve got a window in an awkward area or space you don’t utilize nearly enough, consider transforming it into window seating. There are plenty of benefits to adding a window seat beyond the fact that they look cool.
    5 Steps to Replacing your Couch Seat Cushions
    Enjoy your refreshed sofa. Once you receive your replacement sofa cushions, ensure they fit on your couch, and then relax! If there is an issue with your new sofa cushions, be it fit or quality, you can contact Foam N' More's customer service team for assistance.
    3 Uses for Pole Bumpers
    Foam N’ More’s pole bumpers come at an overall length of 72” and a thickness of 1”. If premade pole bumpers don’t fit your needs, oversized pole bumpers are available for basketball courts and tennis courts. Custom sizing for other applications is always available as well.
    5 Tips for Keeping Your Gun Safe While Traveling
    In the United States, Veteran’s Day tends to coincide with the start of hunting season, and both are fast approaching. Hunting season can be a great time of family bonding and nature watching. If you’re lucky this season, you may even enjoy deer jerky for the holidays!
    5 DIY Halloween Decorations with Polystyrene Foam
    Have you considered making your Halloween decorations out of foam? If you haven’t, you should. If you have ever heard of polystyrene foam, you’ve probably heard of it as a building material. While it offers superb home insulation, it can also do so much more... Thinking of using polystyrene foam for this holiday craft season? Here are our favorite Halloween DIY crafts using foam.