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    5 Steps to Replacing your Couch Seat Cushions

    5 Steps to Replacing your Couch Seat Cushions

    If your couch is swallowing you whole when you sit down or the cushions dip and sag when not in use, it may be time to replace them. Many furniture shops use a cheaper foam brand. Hence, it's reasonable to replace your sofa cushions over the lifespan of your couch, especially if it is a well-used and well-loved piece of furniture.

    New cushions can completely change an old couch and return it to its original quality and comfort levels. The best part is that replacing your couch cushions is far cheaper than replacing your whole couch!

    While replacing your sofa cushions may seem overwhelming, the process is very easy.

    1. Decide which cushions need replacing. Depending on the usage, all of your cushions may not need to be replaced at the same time. Before you invest in replacements, assess your piece of furniture. It is recommended, however, to replace all of your cushions at the same time. So, if several of your seat cushions need replacing, go ahead and replace all of them for ease and comfortability.
    2. Remove and measure cushions. Once you've decided which cushions need replacing, remove the coverings, and measure them. Your existing foam has likely softened over time, so it is best to take your measurements from the size of the cover and not the foam insert itself. For square or rectangle cushions, take a tape measure and measure from seam to seam (or piping to piping). If your sofa has a unique shape, don't worry! Foam N' More offers a variety of different custom cuts, including T-shaped and circle cuts.
    3. Send measurements to Foam N' More. When you're ready to purchase the replacements, send your custom measurements and zip code to us at for a price quote. If you are nervous about having the correct measurements, you can also send us your existing sofa covers. If your sofa covers are just as worn as your cushions, send us your new fabric, and we can make new covers for you as well. We will stuff your new foam inside the covers for a hassle-free experience once the cushions are returned back to you.
    4. At this point, the process is in our hands. Foam N' More can prepare your cushions while you wait if you are in the Metro Detroit area. If you are not in the state of Michigan, our team will swiftly make replacement couch cushions and covers, then mail them to you as soon as possible. Typical Foam and dacron replacement takes 1-2 business days.
    5. Enjoy your refreshed sofa. Once you receive your replacement sofa cushions, ensure they fit on your couch, and then relax! If there is an issue with your new sofa cushions, be it fit or quality, you can contact Foam N' More's customer service team for assistance.

    It is best to rotate your cushions once a month to preserve the life of your new sofa cushions. The ultimate life span of your new cushions depends on the quality of the materials you purchased and the overall usage your sofa gets. If your sofa is experiencing daily usage, it's better to purchase High-Quality, Luxury Foam, or Premium Medium replacement cushions.


    Not sure what type of foam to purchase for your sofa cushion replacements? Check out the quick guide below to help with your decision. The choice is yours!

    Our Premium Medium Foam option is considered to be a medium-firm foam. It is known to be our "fan favorite" foam option because it offers maximum comfort. This foam is made to last 10-14 years with daily use and is typically found to support all adult weights, shapes, and sizes that do not exceed 250 lbs.

    Our Luxury Firm Foam is true to its name. It is a firm high-density foam that is made to support adults that exceed 250-300 lbs and use the cushions daily. With little to no give, this foam offers maximum support for people who find the Premium Medium foam to be too soft. This foam is also made to last 10-14 years with everyday use. This foam is also suitable for anyone who enjoys a more firm sit.

    If you're not sure which sofa cushions would be best, you can order a foam sampler pack or send Foam N' More your old cushions and have us match them to replace your foam cushions. Call or email us today to get started!