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    Bed Pillows & Bolsters

    For those who need an orthopedic pillow or similar medical insert, our custom pillows and wedges help support the natural curvature of your neck while their slight concavity accommodates the shoulders.  When you rest on your side and are angled properly, the support follows the line of the chin, ensuring the support of both the head and the neck. Foam N' More Inc offers different shapes of Latex, memory and different high density firmness. 

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    Back & Sides Support

    Starting at $16.95

    Back & Side Supports are used to help align and support your neck, back, sides, and hips. It helps relieve stress on your vertebrae and is made out of gel memory foam which relaxes the muscles and joints in the lumbar region of the back.

    Ear Pillow

    Starting at $8.85

    Our Ear Pillow contours to the shape of the ears and helps soothe the discomfort of ear aches and pressures.

    Half Bolster

    Starting at $16.85

    The Half Bolster is suitable for multiple uses. It can be used for your neck, back, ankle, or in between your legs for back and side sleepers. It will help ease any muscle pain and can be used on the bed, sofa, massage tables or to travel.

    Head and Neck Bed Pillow

    Starting at $25.00

    The Head and Neck Bed Pillow offers stress relief and neck comfort; it gives good support to help ease the stress on cervical vertebrae. This pillow can help reduce pressure from your shoulder, neck, and head.

    Head Support

    Starting at $16.85

    Need support for the shoulders, neck, and head? Our Head Support is the perfect item. It's made with Gel Memory Foam that conforms and contours to the body which reduces pressure on the neck and shoulders and provides head support.

    Memory Foam Bolster

    Starting at $10.99

    This Medical Bed Wedge Kit comes with 4 items to help relieve neck, back, and leg discomfort, and provide a good night's sleep. The kit consists of the following: Each piece is covered in a white zippered terry velour cloth which can be easily removed for washing.