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    Closed Cell Foam

    Closed-cell foam is a strong, flexible material that's made up of internal pores, or cells, that sit closely together but are not connected. Its structure can be compared to a net filled with balloons, where the balloons are trapped tightly against each other, but they are not interconnected.

    Closed-cell foam comes in different types of materials and densities. Below is a list of the various types of closed-cell foam that we carry at Foam N’ More, the leading foam supplier in Michigan.

    Ensolite Closed Cell Foam
    Volara– comes on a roll
    Minicell– 2lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs, & 6lbs density
    Polyethylene– solid & laminated in 2lbs 4lbs, & 6lbs density
    Polyethylene rolls
    Polyethylene and Neoprene backer rods
    Sound Muffler & Strips

    Custom cuts to shape and size is available with volume discounts. Please contact us for details.

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    2.3LBS Density Polyethylene Planks- Laminated


    Polyethylene Foam Sheets (also known as extruded Polyethylene) are laminated and have a 2.3 lb density. They are best used for products requiring a shock-absorbing, vibration dampening, insulation, barrier and/or buoyancy component. It provides cube optimization, it's durable, flexible and water-resistant.

    2.3LBS Density Polyethylene Planks-Solid


    Our 2.3lbs Density Polyethylene Planks has outstanding dimensional stability and recovery characteristics that provide optimal cushioning protection against repeated impacts. It is ideal for cushion packaging and it is used in many applications including heavy eletronics, computer, automotive, constriction and recreation.

    2lbs Minicell Foam


    Minicell is "Skin Soft" and is esthetically pleasing. The adhesive backing feture can be used for Exercise Mats, Kayak and Canoe Seats, Kickboards, and foam packaging.

    2lbs Minicell Foam With Adhesive Backing


    Minicell also known as crosslink polyethylene is "Skin Soft" and is esthetically pleasing. The adhesive backing feature can be used for Exercise Mats, Kayak and Canoe Seats, Kickboards, and foam packaging.

    3lbs, 4lbs & 6lbs Minicell Foam


    Minicell also known as cross-link polyethylene (XLEP) comes in 3lbs, 4lbs and 6lbs density. This higher the density the firmer the foam is. For 1” thick and under the foam is still flexible and cushioning. This Non-dusting and easy to clean will protect from Bacteria, chemical, grease, mold, oil, and solvent-resistant. We also offer adhesive backing. Commonly use for heavy machinery and heavy industrial use.

    4.5" thick Minicell- Small


    Our 4.5" Thick Minicell-Small can be used for automotive interior parts, sporting equipment, Kayak seating, canoe seats and bulk packaging racks. Offers smooth surface but tough and comfortable. Impervious to bacterial, mildew and molds.

    Closed Cell Foam