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    The Various Uses of Volara Foam

    Volara foam

    How to reduce noise that is escaping or entering a room:

    Windows are the easiest spot in your home for sounds to come in or escape. Think about traffic noise you can hear in your living room or the sound of a party going on in your home that can be heard down the block.

    Covering your windows with foam can help reduce these noises. There are 2 types you can use.
    -Charcoal Firm foam is dense open-cell foam that can be squeezed into the window and will hold in place with no gluing required. For more sound elimination you can add Volara on top of the charcoal firm foam.

    For walls, ceilings, and doors, use Volara foam—also known as crosslink polyethylene. Volara foam comes on a roll 60” wide and 1/8” - 1/2” thickness and can deaden the noise coming in through the walls or windows. This foam will also get rid of loud noises coming from outside such as traffic and party chaos. For more sound elimination you can add Charcoal Firm foam on top of the Volara foam.

    For loud water pump heaters and furnaces, our Volara foam is a nice, affordable foam option for blocking sound so you can get a restful night’s sleep.

    Volara Foam deadens noise, and its flexibility makes it easy to work with. It is offered with an adhesive backing option which is great for all sound deadening applications as it can be 

    This foam is great for removing or canceling out noises from room to room. These are great for study nooks, home offices, bedrooms, and home recording studios.

    Sound blocking Volara foam can also be installed in commercial and industrial areas. The more foam you add to the room the better. The closed-cell foam will block sound and soundproof the room. Please contact us for specs sheets and information on R values, and NRC Values. Don’t know what you need? Foam N’ More is here to help with all your sound blocking and sound-absorbing needs. Give us a call at (248) 837-2430 or send us an email today to learn more!

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