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    1 DIY Dining Room Chairs and Booth Seating
    Here at Foam N’ More, we are your one-stop shop for all things foam! There are many different types of foam, which can be used for all your DIY needs. DIY has been very popular among a lot of people as a creative outlet and hobby. It has also been described as a “self-made-culture In”, which a lot of people have taken their interest in redoing furniture and made it into a small business venture.
    0 Back Cushions
    There are many choices that you can do to make your back cushions look brand new again. Getting a brand new sofa can be expensive so concerned about adding or making new insert fillings. First, take a look at the shape of what your back cushions look like. There are three choices!
    1 Outdoor Patio Cushions and Outdoor Seating
    After looking at your patio furniture, are you debating on throwing it out? Take a look at replacing your old cushions with our outdoor foam!
    0 How To Measure Your Cushions
    Do you need to replace the foam on your sectional, couch, or sofa seat cushion? All you have to do is add your sizes on our drawing calculator page and Foam N’ More will cut the foam to shape and size and add Dacron wrap.
    0 Sofa Back Cushions
    There are so many options that are available with cushion replacement for the back. At Foam N More, we offer different cushion replacement options that cater to your preferences of soft or firm backing.
    0 Is It Time To Replace Your Outdoor Seat Cushions?
    It’s that time of year to get out into the sun. Backyard BBQs and swimming are all staples activities of this treasured season. This year, we’re extra anxious to be outside after being quarantined these last few months.
    4 Reasons to Have Window Seating in Your Home
    Have you ever considered adding a window seat to your place? If you’ve got a window in an awkward area or space you don’t utilize nearly enough, consider transforming it into window seating. There are plenty of benefits to adding a window seat beyond the fact that they look cool.
    5 Steps to Replacing your Couch Seat Cushions
    Enjoy your refreshed sofa. Once you receive your replacement sofa cushions, ensure they fit on your couch, and then relax! If there is an issue with your new sofa cushions, be it fit or quality, you can contact Foam N' More's customer service team for assistance.