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    Medical Wedge Kit

    Medical Bed Wedges are offered in a wide variety size and thicknesses. With three different types of foam to choose from our high-density foam material will help create a personalized medical wedge for you.

    Typically for back wedges, a customer tends to prefer our premium medium high-density foam and pair it with our 4lbs gel memory foam topper. This option is fantastic for someone how has to use a wedge daily, and consistently as it offers support and comfort.

    If you are looking for a more cost-effective foam then our standard polyfoam is recommended. Standard poly foam has the same firmness with a 2 to 4 years life span where the premium medium high-density foam lasts 10 years with normal everyday use.

    For customers who are seeking a medical wedge but exceed 300-350lbs or would like to store the wedge under the mattress, our luxury high-density foam is a lot firmer and it’s made so that it does not break down.

    All three foam options can be topped off with 4lbs gel memory foam, in 1”, 2” thickness for added comfort.

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    Arm Foam Support

    Starting at $165.00

    Need help getting off the couch, or love sofa seat. Have Trouble Standing Up From Low Chairs or Couches? Try this product. An extra firm support for your arm, to help get off from the soft cushions or for people who have a hard time getting up do to medical condition. Contact us for Custom Sizes.