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    Medical Foam

    Foam N' More provides a one stop shop for all Medical Foam needs and offers the best comfort and support. 

    The various types of medical foam we offer are listed below:

    • Leg Wedges
    • Stress Relief Back support Wedge– half size or full bed sizes
    • Stress Relief memory foam– neck, back, seat & legs
    • Stress Relief foam pillows– neck, back, seat & legs
    • Medical Foam Accessories- back, seat & legs with custom sew vinyl covers
    • Custom sew covers with vinyl

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    Orthopedic Chair Pad

    Starting at $39.85

    This Orthopedic Chair Pad is designed to prevent back pain and support good posture while cushioning the body. It gives constant comfort that continually adjusts when you change positions. This pillow comes in various firmness and can be custom made to fit your specifications. Please contact us for additional information.

    Orthopedic Leg Wedge

    Starting at $25.00

    Our Orthopedic Leg Wedge is a contoured foam wedge that holds your legs securely so you can sleep comfortably. It helps improve circulation and is therapeutically beneficial for relieving lower back and leg pains. It helps improve circulation if you have feet or leg cramps, reduces swollen legs, lymphedema or vein problems. This product will also help relieve lower back pains. Add 1" Gel Memory foam to soften your support.

    Orthopedic Pillow

    Starting at $48.85

    While laying on your back this Orthopedic Pillow will support the natural curvature of your neck, as its slight concavity accommodates the shoulders. When on your side and angled properly, the support follows the line of the chin, ensuring support of both head and neck. It's made of Soft HD23 Rubber Base Foam.

    Queen Body Wedge-36" Long

    Starting at $41.95

    This Queen Body Wedge is 36” Long x 60” Wide. This Wedge will provide gentle support when necessary to elevate the body, or to use as a trunk stabilizer for side-lying positions. Designed for patients with problems breathing, poor circulation, hiatus hernia, back or neck problems. This foam wedge can be put on the top or bottom of any existing surface. The Standard Poly Foam is the most common type of foam to put under your existing mattress.

    Queen Body Wedge-75" Long

    Starting at $67.95

    The Queen Body Wedge also comes in 75” Long x 59” Wide. It is offered in our Premium Medium Foam which is a medium high-density foam that can be put on top of your existing mattress. Add 1" thick OR 2" thick Gel Memory foam to soften your support. Custom Wedge and covers are available. Please contact us for details.

    Round Bolster- Rebounded Foam

    Starting at $45.85

    Our Round Bolster-Rebounded Foam helps stretch and relax your body to give you support where you need it most. It can be placed under the knees, ankles or neck to relieve pressure in the lower back. Each bolster has removable covers as well as a handle. Comes in 6" & 8" Diameter x 18" Long. Contact us for Larger Custom Sizes as well.