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    Bed Pillows & Bolsters

    For those who need an orthopedic pillow or similar medical insert, our custom pillows and wedges help support the natural curvature of your neck while their slight concavity accommodates the shoulders.  When you rest on your side and are angled properly, the support follows the line of the chin, ensuring the support of both the head and the neck. Foam N' More Inc offers different shapes of Latex, memory and different high density firmness. 

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    The Ear Pillow

    Starting at $12.95

    Our Ear Pillow contours to the shape of the ears and help soothe the discomfort of earaches and pressures. The Soft HD23 Rubber Base Foam provides good head and neck support. The Memory Foam Gel molds to your shape and creates the perfect support for your head, neck, and shoulders when you sleep on your side.

    U-Shape Body Pillows

    Starting at $115.00

    Our U-Shape Body Pillows contours and wraps around your body. Made out of high-quality poly-fill filling it reduces neck pain, upper and lower back pain, as well as hip and shoulder pain. It's great for lounging, reading, watching TV, pregnancy, and nursing. It comes with white lining casing to hold the filling and a removable cover with zipper.

    Back Relief Stretches

    Starting at $95.00

    Do you have moderate back pain that comes and goes? If so, it is very important to stretch it out at least twice a every day and continue to work on your body core muscles. This firm foam medical device immediate relief from back pain and stop suffering during the day. Save time and money visiting doctors and physical therapy. With just a few minutes of daily use you can experience positive yoga stretches results..

    Yoga & Gym Bolsters

    Starting at $15.95

    Our Yoga & Gym Bolster can be used for massage, seated and reclining exercises, yoga, pilates, gyms, and rehab facilities. The white Polyethylene foam is very dense and long-lasting so it will not compress easily and will support all body types. Ease muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, hips, and spine to improve your body awareness, balance, muscle flexibility and strengthen your core's stability. It can also be used for motor skill development for a better quality of movement. This Round Bolster stretches and relaxes your body to give you support where you need it most.

    Orthopedic Pillow

    Starting at $48.85

    While laying on your back this Orthopedic Pillow will support the natural curvature of your neck, as its slight concavity accommodates the shoulders. When on your side and angled properly, the support follows the line of the chin, ensuring support of both head and neck. It's made of Soft HD23 Rubber Base Foam.

    Arm Foam Support

    Starting at $165.00

    Need help getting off the couch, or love sofa seat. Have Trouble Standing Up From Low Chairs or Couches? Try this product. An extra firm support for your arm, to help get off from the soft cushions or for people who have a hard time getting up do to medical condition. Contact us for Custom Sizes.