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    Closed Cell Foam

    Closed-cell foam is a strong, flexible material that's made up of internal pores, or cells, that sit closely together but are not connected. Its structure can be compared to a net filled with balloons, where the balloons are trapped tightly against each other, but they are not interconnected.

    Closed-cell foam comes in different types of materials and densities. Below is a list of the various types of closed-cell foam that we carry at Foam N’ More, the leading foam supplier in Michigan.

    Ensolite Closed Cell Foam
    Volara– comes on a roll
    Minicell– 2lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs, & 6lbs density
    Polyethylene– solid & laminated in 2lbs 4lbs, & 6lbs density
    Polyethylene rolls
    Polyethylene and Neoprene backer rods
    Sound Muffler & Strips

    Custom cuts to shape and size is available with volume discounts. Please contact us for details.

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    Polyethylene On The Roll


    Polyethylene, also known as Extruded Polyethylene, provides cushioning and protects repeated impacts. Comes on a roll which is nonabrasive and tear resistant which makes the foam last longer against repeated impacts.

    Standard Backer Rod - 2 lbs Density


    Look at chart below to select the correct option available. The Standard Backer Rod is an ideal nonabsorbent compressible backup material. It is inserted into a joint to control sealant depth to create a backstop to resist gasoline, oil and most other solvents. A weatherproof material rod to fill in cracks and gaps.



    Volara also known crosslink polyethylene or 2A Volara offers superior chemical resistance, excellent cushioning and thermal insulation properties. Volara Can be use for Poker Tables, Headliners, Trunk liners, and Insulation Barriers. Please look below at chart on how to purchase the full rolls.

    Volara With Adhesive Backing


    Volara With Adhesive Backing on a roll features a very fine, uniform cell structure and offers superior chemical resistance, possesses excellent cushioning and thermal insulation properties, as well as exceptional mechanical strength and durability. Please look below at chart on how to purchase the full rolls.

    Closed Cell Foam