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    New Season – New Room

    dining room chair replacement

    Soon the leaves will change, and the outdoor world will have a whole new look. We can help you have the same stunning effect inside of your house, too. With our range of couch cushion replacement foams and other seating options, you can completely refresh the rooms in your home by simply updating your couch cushions. With the busy holiday season getting closer, make sure that your couches are prepared for hosting with comfortable and stylish cushion replacements. We have a variety of standard cushion replacements to offer, and we also have the skills to custom-make any kind and size of the cushion you need. For all of our cushions, custom covers are available – just let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.

    Couch Cushion Replacements

    cushion replacement


    Seat Cushions

    No matter the shape and size of your couch, we can replace any of your seat cushions. We offer standard cuts of a square, circle, and T-shaped. These seat cushions can replace cushions that have become worn and tired, and that don’t offer the support you need. We can make them in any dimensions, and we’ll make custom covers for them as well. These cushions can also double as a pet bed.


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    Back Cushions

    We have a couple of options for back cushions to improve your couches. The first is a standard cushion that’s soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to support you. We also sell back bolsters, which are set at an angle. This allows you to comfortably lean back into the couch, perfect for watching TV.


    Dining Chair Foam

    Our standard dining chair foam replacements are perfect for any dining room chair. Don’t let tired cushions ruin your guests’ comfort! With new and comfortable dining chair foam, they can comfortably enjoy their meal. We also offer dining kitchen chair foam; cut in a trapezoid of any dimensions you need. We can make these in larger and longer sizes too so that they work for bay window seating areas.


    Wood Chair Replacement

    Cushions aren’t the only part of your dining chairs that get worn out over the years. If the wooden seats of your chairs have seen better days, we can cut a custom wooden seat for your chair. Keep your chairs supported and safe with our wood chair replacements.


    Foam N’ More | Seat & Back Cushion Replacements

    Keep yourself and your guests comfortable with the upcoming holiday seasons. It’ll make hosting easier, and you’ll be proud to offer a seat on your couches and chairs. We can make any kind of foam cushion you need, in any size, shape, and dimension. We can match your style, too, with custom cushion covers in any style. If you want to refresh your chairs and couches, try some new foam and covers!

    To learn more or place an order, give us a call at (248) 284-0002 or send in an online contact form now!

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