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    Foam Products for your Pets

    Pet lovers know that there is nothing we wouldn’t do for our pets. You buy food that keeps them healthy, get them the exercise they need, toys that keep them happy, you name it. Foam N’ More is all in on helping you pamper your pet. We have a variety of foam products made to keep your furry friend comfortable.

    Picture of Cozy Pet Bed w/Bolster

    Pet beds

    We offer a few variations on custom foam pet beds to serve the sleep needs of any pet.

    Picture of Cozy Pet Bed- Shredded Foam

    Cozy Pet Bed

    Our standard pet bed, the Cozy Pet Bed, is square-shaped and stuffed with shredded foam so that your pet can snuggle in comfortably. We offer it in three different sizes, 27” x 24” x 5”, 36” x 45” x 5”, and 54” x 45” x 5”. No matter how big or small your pet is, we’ve got a Cozy Pet Bed with their name on it. You can purchase the foam insert alone, and it can also come with a zipped cover as well.

    Picture of Oval Shaped Pet Bed

    Oval-Shaped Pet Bed

    Our variation on the Cozy Pet Bed is the Oval Shaped Pet Bed, and you guessed it, it’s an oval shaped bed. You can buy it with a zipper cover, or just the foam insert. It comes in sizes of 22” x 34” x 5”, 42” x 30” x 5”, and 50” x 40” x 5”.

    Picture of Poly Fill Filling - Pet Bed- Box Style
    Poly Fill Filling – Pet Bed Box Style

    We also offer box-style pet beds with options for the type of foam filling in them. This rectangular pet bed comes in a 6” thickness, and it is durable enough to withstand repeated use without sagging or flattening. You can choose a solid foam, shredded foam, or cluster fill for the stuffing, and it comes in a case for easy cleaning.Pet ramps & stairs

    For small pets who can’t reach higher surfaces, or older pets who need some help getting up, we have options for foam pet ramps and stairs to make it easier on them.

    Picture of Pet Ramp - Small
    Pet Ramp

    If your pet needs help getting up on your bed or over a step, then pick up one of our Pet Ramps. We offer them in heights of 15” and 20” for different applications.

    Picture of Pet Ramp- For Car
    Pet Ramp – Car

    Getting in the car can be tricky for some pets, and if you don’t want to have to lift them in every time, then you can use our Pet Ramp designed for cars. The size of this ramp is a height of 24”, a length of 36”, and a width of 16.5”.


    5-Steps for Pets with Custom Cover

    Pet Staircase

    If your pet prefers the stairs to a ramp, we’ve got them covered! Our Pet Staircases come in heights of 8”, 12”, 16”, 20”, 24” and 28”.

    Foam N’ More | Custom foam products for pets

    Your furry friend deserves the world, and we want to use our expertise to help you give it to them. You can purchase any of the products we’ve discussed here on our website, but that’s not all we can do for you. We have the skills and machinery to make any foam product you want, custom-made. So, if you’ve got an idea of something your pet would like, let us know and we can make it happen.

    To learn more about our foam pet products, get in touch with us by calling (248) 837-2430 or sending in an online contact form.

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