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    0 What is Minicell Foam Used for in Transportation?
    Minicell foam is also known as XLPE, crosslink polyethylene, and microcell foam comes in 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, and 6lb. This material is easy to work with, firm and flexible. It also provides sound deadening. This closed-cell foam is used in a variety of applications. Campers- Van and bus building for the do it yourselfer is very popular right now. This 2lbs minicell is used under the vehicle’s flooring. Foam N’ More Inc. can create it in any thickness you need. The most common are 3/8” and 1/4” thick so that there are no gaps between the layers when you are building your floor base.
    0 4 Benefits of Medical Wedge Pillows
    Medical wedge pillows have a plethora of benefits from reducing snoring and improving sleep apnea to reducing the swelling and pain from varicose veins. However, even if you’re sleeping perfectly fine, your sleep quality can be improved with a wedge pillow.