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    Uses & Types of Acoustic Foam

    You don’t have to be a member of the music industry putting together a studio to have used acoustic foam. Plenty of people have found peace and quiet using acoustic foam in their homes and businesses. Foam N’ More creates a custom acoustic foam that is perfect for any application.

    Types of acoustic foam

    There are a few different types of acoustic foam pieces that can be used alone or together to soundproof a room

    Picture of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
    Foam tiles

    Foam tiles are large square or rectangle pieces of acoustic foam that can cover walls and ceilings. Foam tiles can also be smaller in size to act as standalone absorbers. They are most effective at absorbing mid-to high-frequency sound waves.

    Picture of Acoustic Eggcrate Convoluted
    Wall absorbers

    Wall absorbers are basically the same as foam tiles, except are solely cut in sizes that will cover a full wall. They are also effective at absorbing mid to high-frequency sound waves.

    Picture of Corner Block

    Corner bass traps

    Mounted in the corners of rooms, corner bass traps absorb low-frequency sound waves. This helps to cut down on reverberation and echoes in a room.

    Acoustic Wedge for Corners

    Wedge panels

    Another good type of acoustic foam for absorbing mid-to high-frequency sound waves is wedge panels. These are triangular cut pieces of foam that you can put on walls or on the ceiling.

    Picture for category What is Acoustic Foam?

    Uses for acoustic foam

    There are a wide range of uses for soundproofing and improving sound quality. Even if you don’t run a professional music studio, you can still benefit from acoustic foam.

    • Improve the quality of music listening. If you’re someone who really enjoys listening to music and takes its quality seriously, then acoustic foam is a must-have. You can invest in the best speakers possible, but if the room they’re playing in has bad acoustics, then it won’t be reaching its full potential. You can create the perfect music listening environment with some acoustic foam.
    • Soundproofing rooms. There are a variety of rooms in a home or a business that can benefit from acoustic foam.

    o   Garage – If you do a lot of work in your garage, you may consider cutting down on the noise of your power tools and hammers. Acoustic foam can give you free rein to work as loudly as you want without disturbing the neighbors.

    o   A quieter home – If you have an entertainment room, where people listen to music or watch TV, you can keep that noise separate from the rest of the house. This way, someone can enjoy the entertainment room to its fullest extent without annoying people elsewhere in the house.

    o   A quieter business. Noises are a distraction, and distractions lessen the efficiency of your business. With acoustic foam, you can have soundproof rooms for people to take conference calls in, or allow a high-focus room for those who need it.

    Foam N’ More | Custom-made acoustic foam

    No matter your foam needs, the experts at Foam N’ More have you covered. We carry a range of different standard foam products, and we have the expertise and equipment to create custom foam pieces that will work for any application. You just tell us what you need, and we can make it happen. We’re a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, meaning we have proved over the years that we care about providing the highest value possible to our customers.

    If you would like to learn more about our acoustic foam, give us a call at (248) 837-2430 or send in an online contact form.

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