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    Protect Children with Pole Bumpers

    If you run a business like a daycare, or you’re caring for your own young children, then you know the importance of child-proofing. With exposed metal or wooden poles, you run the risk of a child bumping into them as they run around playing. This kind of accident can be serious, possibly leading to emergency room visits for stitches or concussions. Even if the kid comes away with just a minor bruise, they’ll still need you to stop what you’re doing and comfort them. You can eliminate this danger entirely with pole bumpers from Foam N’ More. We offer a variety of pole bumpers to fit your needs and style.

    pole bumper foam

    Indoor Pole Bumpers


    Whether you’ve got exposed metal poles in your basement playroom, or wooden poles in your daycare, we make it easy to childproof them. We can create custom shapes and sizes of pole bumpers so that you never have to live with that risk. Our pole bumpers are easy to use. They open in a slit on one side so that you can just wrap them around a pole, no further installation is required. We have indoor pole bumpers for both round and square poles.

    Outdoor Pole Bumpers

    pole bumper foam

    At home, you may have a basketball hoop or a swing set in your backyard. At a daycare, you could have both of those plus a jungle gym. If the many poles that make up these play places are left unprotected, it’s only a matter of time before a child runs into one on accident and hurts themselves. Our outdoor pole bumpers work the same way as the indoor ones, you just wrap them around a pole and it’s protected. Plus, the outdoor pole bumpers are covered in a waterproof canopy, ensuring that they last for years to come.

    Punching Bag Inserts

    Punching bag inserts aren’t just for the boxing gym, they can help protect kids, too. The heavier-duty Rebounded Foam will absorb any shock a child can throw at it, offering soft protection. You can even have sand added to the middle of the foam in order to anchor the punching bag insert around a pole for extra safety. We do custom work with our punching bag inserts, so any shape and size pole you have can be covered.

    Foam N’ More | Pole Bumpers & Punching Bag Inserts

    No one wants to see a child hurt themselves, you just want them to be safe and have fun. But, if you’ve got exposed poles in their play area, then there’s no guarantee that a child won’t collide with them when playing a game of tag or anything else. Keep your peace of mind by installing custom-made pole bumpers and punching bag inserts in your home or business. It’s a simple, quick fix that can save you and the kids a lot of headaches, as well as potential medical costs.

    To learn more about our pole bumpers and punching bag inserts, give us a call today at (248) 284-0002 or send in an online contact form. You can also buy them on our website here.

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