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    Pole Bumpers & Padding

    Whether you run a business like a gym or day care or you are taking care of your own children then you know the importance of childproofing. Offering many different types of foam protection with exposed wall floor, metal or wooden poles or surfaces, will help prevent the risk of children bumping into them as they as they run around and play. Protect kids from getting hurt today.

    We offer the following foam for various uses in child and other foam safety:

    • Round, Rectangle & Square Charcoal Firm Indoor Foam
    • Round, Rectangle & Square Minicell Firm Outdoor Foam
    • Custom Pole Bumpers for….
    • Free Standing Wall Pole Post
    • Curbside Protection
    • Wood Sandbox Protection
    • Corner Protection
    • Machine Protection

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    Foam Cubes Pit Padding

    Starting at $429.00

    Foam cubes for a jump pit are the best for all kids to jump in without getting hurt and its fun. The 6" and 8” cube shape offers excellent cushion and absorbing relief for crash and landing pads and builds relaxation and comfort stimulation. Most used for gymnastics and jumping off from a trampoline or platform and landing into a pit.