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    How to Measure or Make Paper Templates

    How to Measure or Make Paper Templates

    Whether it is your sofa, bay window, seat cushion, or Moroccan lounge seating area, these custom-cut foam inserts are the optimal choice for the best comfort in your home, business, or on the go.  All you have to do is add your sizes on the drawing calculator page, draw or make a paper template of all your cushion foam areas, and let Foam N’ More do the rest.  We can accomplish all the custom work including inserting new high-quality foam with sewn covers, welt-piping, and zippers.

    Take a look at the before-and-after of a featured project with a custom paper template:





    To make a paper template, you may draw and sketch the sizes and email us to give you prices.  This way, we can determine how detailed your project will be and what we might recommend you do to best suit your needs.  These are some examples of what you can send to us:


    Sometimes these shapes are complicated in which we recommend that make a paper template shape out of newspaper, wrapping paper, fabric, or cardboard.  Please look below for some samples of templates to send to us:


    In order to best serve you, please mark the following items clearly on your template: 

    • Your name, address, and telephone number.
    • Add sizes on your template and the thickness of the cushion you require.
    • The number of cushions you require of that shape.
    • The grade of foam you would like.

    Below are the instructions on how to make a paper template:




    Imagine this counter space as a seat cushion.  The most common foam thickness is two inches thick for this luxury firm foam with Dacron wrap.  Measurements from the floor to the top of the foam should be 18-inches high for comfortable seating.  Your feet will never hang off the ground again!  You can go thicker foam for sleeping areas.

    You may cut the paper to get a custom shape of the cushion.  Make sure the scissors line up to the flat side end of the wood.  A little bit bigger is better so your leg does not hit the wood edge.

    Or you can take a marker and trace it to the shape of the cushion.  Please make sure you add measurements so that we can compare the sizes between the two.


    As soon as your covers come in, we will call you to finalize the order.  The lead time between order and pick up is around one-to-two weeks.  Once the template is done bring your template to the store or mail in your template to:

    Foam N’ More, Inc.
    1177 W. Maple Rd.,
    Clawson, MI 48017

    Here at Foam N’ More, we understand that buying through the middleman can be timely and expensive — but not anymore!  By offering a wide range of products, our custom-cut foam can be designed to use for the most comfortable seating for resolving those back and leg strains!  Our foam products are made from all kinds of materials including our standard poly foam to a premium high-density foam for the ultimate comfort.

    Foam N’ More: Commercial Foam & Seat Foam Manufacturers in Michigan

    Updated cushions are always an optimal way to spruce up and rejuvenate existing seating areas.  This ensures you are able to enjoy the utmost comfort in your home, business, or on the go.  We would like to hear from you, so let us know how we can help you by filling out the contact form on our website.  Give us a call at Foam N’ More, the foam fabricator specialists, at (248) 284-0002 for any questions you may have.  We specialize in mattress foam and mattress padding, outdoor foam, pillow foam, bulk closed-cell foam, patio cushion replacement foam, or any type of minicell foam or polyethylene foam near Troy, Michigan.

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