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    Holiday Gifts – Send Them Packed with Foam

    For all of the thought and money you put into buying a present for a loved one, you want to make sure it gets to them without being damaged on the way. When you live far enough away that you need to ship it to them, there is always some anxiety that something will go wrong with the handling of the package. You can eliminate that anxiety with foam packaging from Foam N’ More! We have a range of different types of packing foam that will keep your present, no matter how fragile, completely safe for as far as it has to go.

    Packing foam from Foam N’ More

    We offer both closed-cell and open-cell foam, which comes with adhesive on the back so you can secure it to the box you’re shipping in. We offer full sheets of foam that you can cut yourself, and we can also custom-cut the foam for you if you wish. Here are some of the types of packing foam we offer:

    • Anti-Static Foam – This foam is perfect for shipping electronics. It’s soft enough not to scratch electronics but firm enough to absorb any damage. It also prevents electrostatic charges that might be released by electronics in transit.
    • Light Density Foam – For less heavy objects that don’t require the strongest foam to keep them safe, light-density foam offers the necessary level of protection without spending more on heavy-duty foam.
    • Firm Density Foam – For heavier objects, you need firmer foam to keep them safe. This firm-density foam will hold strong against objects that put more stress on it.
    • Eggcrate Convoluted Foam – This foam is made to cradle an object around its pressure points like a memory foam bed does for your body. It keeps objects in place and offers support and gives where it’s needed.
    • Shredded Foam – If you need to fill the space within a box, shredded foam is perfect. It works just like packing peanuts do, but it’s a better option that doesn’t flake and break down like packing peanuts do.
    • Custom Packing Foam – We can custom cut any kind of foam that you need. We can work off of hand-drawn templates or AutoCAD-designed templates. Just tell us what kind of foam, and what measurements, and we’ll do the rest.

    Foam N’ More | Standard & custom packing foam for the holidays

    Make sure that your holiday gifts this year don’t arrive broken before they’re even opened. It’s a busy season for package handlers, and with so much to do your package may not get the care it’s supposed to. While you can get a refund, it will delay the process of getting someone that gift, and it will cause frustration that you shouldn’t have to deal with. Instead of all that, just get packing foam from Foam N’ More so you can relax knowing that your gift will arrive in the condition it’s supposed to.

    To learn more about our packing foam, give us a call at (248) 284-0002 or send in an online contact form today!

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