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    Flooring Foam for Gyms, Daycares, Dance Floors & More!

    If you run a business centered around an activity, like a gym, a daycare, a dance studio, or something else, then you know that keeping your guests safe is a high priority. You want your guests to be able to move, run, jump, dance, or lift weights freely but without the risk of getting hurt. Foam padding can go a long way in making your business a safer environment for your guests. At Foam N’ More, we offer a variety of foam products that can make every surface of your business more comfortable and less dangerous during physical activity.

    foam gym mat

    Foam Gym Mats

    Our gym mats are trifold and come in thicknesses of 2” and 3”. They’re made from high-density open-cell foam with a protective covering, so you don’t feel the hard floor underneath but it still offers the support you need so you don’t sink in. They’re perfect for stretching or doing exercises, as well as giving children a safe spot to jump around.

    plyo mats

    Foam Fitness Plyometric Jumping Mats

    Similar in makeup to the gym mats we offer; the foam fitness plyometric jumping mats are designed as an effective training tool. These mats stack on top of each other or can be laid side by side, whichever is needed for the training you’re doing. They can help you increase speed and jumping power. These are perfect for both home gyms and gym businesses, as well as for schools.

    sprung dance floors

    Sprung Dance Floors

    When performing the jumps and other moves involved in dance, a regular hard floor can be unforgiving on your ankles, knees, and back. You can eliminate this problem with sprung dance floors. We can install a layer of minicell foam blocks underneath your floor to give it some give. It won’t be so much that you can feel the floor moving as you walk, but when you land a jump you’ll feel a softer landing that doesn’t send a shock through your joints.

    foam bolsters

    Foam Bolsters

    Stretching before and after exercise is an important step to loosen you up so you can prevent injury, perform your best, and recover more comfortably. We make two kinds of foam bolsters to aid in stretching. One is the round bolster, which is shorter and wider, and the other is the yoga & gym bolster, which is longer and thinner. Both can be used to roll under your back, legs, ankles, and more to help stretch effectively.

    Foam for gyms, dance studios, daycares & much more | Foam N’ More

    At Foam N’ More, our experts make foam for any and every purpose so you can live a more comfortable and safe life. We make a foam that aids in exercising, makes sleep more comfortable, improves audio in recording studios, soundproofs rooms, and decorates your home! Plus, we can custom-make any foam object you need. Just let us know what you’re looking for and for what purpose, and we’ll come up with an answer for you.

    To learn more, give us a call at (248) 284-0002 or send in an online contact form today!

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