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    Best Foams for Seating

    Everybody has a favorite chair or couch in their home, and that’s because it’s the one that is most comfortable for you. We each have our own tastes when it comes to what makes a seat comfortable, and Foam N’ More can accommodate everyone. While you may want to tweak these recommendations based on your preferences, there are certain types and sizes of foam that work best and last longest in different seat applications.

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    Which foam density is best for bench seats?

    When putting foam on a bench seat, the high-density foam should be your first choice. Unless you want to replace your bench seat foam over and over, then choose high-density foam. You may hear high density and assume it’s going to be a firm foam. If you don’t like firm seats, don’t worry. High density can be anything from soft to firm and everything in between.

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    What is considered high-density foam?

    High-density is a medium quality (1.9 LBs), industrial grade foam type that is offered in a range of firmness, from Soft to Extra Firm. There is a common misconception that the title “high-density” translates to a firm foam. That is simply not the case because density is not correlated to firmness. High density refers to its makeup, not the feeling of it. This makeup allows it to retain its original shape and feel longer instead of getting worn down by repeated use.

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    How thick should the foam in a seat cushion be?

    A medium firmness or 35 LB compression rating is a good starting point. In a situation where you are making a window seat cushion for a kitchen nook, using a 2” foam I would suggest a firmer seat for more comfort, but in a lounging window seat or 4” foam medium firmness is usually just right! The thickness you choose depends both on the application and your preferences. Tell us where the seat cushion will be used, as well as your preference on the scale from soft to firm seating. If you give us that information, we can create a foam seat cushion that feels exactly how you want it to.

    Custom foam seat cushions and more | Foam N’ More, Inc.

    If you’re going to sit in a chair or a couch every day or have guests sit in it when you entertain, you want it to be something that will keep you comfortable. Also, you don’t want it to flatten out and lose its comfort after a while. Foam N’ More can make you a custom foam seat cushion with a cover that will perfectly meet your standards. We can make foam seat cushions in any shape and any firmness, plus we can match the cover to the chair or couch you are using it for if needed.

    To learn more about our foam seat cushions, give us a call at (248) 284-0002 or send in an online contact form for more information!

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