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    Benefits of Memory Foam

    By now, you’ve likely heard of memory foam if you haven’t tried it out yourself. It’s well known for good reason, as it’s used to make pillows and mattresses luxuriously comfortable. It offers both comfort and support due to the structure of the polyurethane it’s made out of. This structure allows it to evenly distribute the weight of your body, eliminating any lumps or pressure points. Once the weight is removed, the memory foam slowly expands back to its original shape. Let's look at some of the benefits of using memory foam for your mattresses and pillows.


    memory foam mattressEases muscle aches

    If your current mattress has you waking up with aches and pains in your back, hips, neck, or shoulders, you won’t have that problem with a memory foam mattress. Those aches are caused by a mattress that doesn’t distribute your weight evenly, so more pressure is put on certain parts of the body. You may not notice it as you fall asleep, but once you’ve laid there for hours you’ll wake up feeling the effects. Memory foam distributes your weight evenly, so no part of your body has to deal with uncomfortable pressure.

    Less overheating

    Plenty of people get very warm when they sleep. A traditional mattress will trap this heat and radiate it back at you, making you feel too hot for a comfortable sleep. But memory foam has gel beads within it, and these gel beads are great at distributing heat. The heat spreads further throughout the bed, so it doesn’t accumulate as much on you. The result is a cooler night’s sleep.


    Because memory foam is able to return to almost exactly its original shape when you’re done using it, it is much more durable than traditional mattress foam. Traditional mattresses get lumpy after repeated use since it compresses under your weight but isn’t able to expand to their original shape again. Memory foam can, so you feel like you’re sleeping on a new mattress every night.

    custom memory foam mattress

    Feel less movement

    Traditional mattresses with foam and springs will transfer any movement throughout the bed. So if you’re sleeping and your partner gets in bed later, you’ll feel every movement as they settle in or roll over later in the night. Memory foam absorbs shock, so someone laying down in bed or tossing and turning next to you won’t rock your side of the bed.

    mattress cover


    If you have trouble with allergies that are irritated by your bed, then the problem is likely due to mold, dust, and dust mites. Traditional mattresses made of organic materials like cotton offer environments where these things can thrive, making your allergies worse. But since the polyurethane that makes up memory foam is non-organic, it’s not as welcoming of an environment for the things that will irritate your allergies.

    Memory foam mattresses, pillows & more | Foam N’ More

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