Residential Foam

High Density Foam

Open cell foam we offer….
4lbs Gel Memory Foam
Rebounded Foam– Arabic Seating, Carpet Padding, Gym Mats, & Ottoman Seating
Tough Luxury– Extra Firm High Quality
Luxury Firm– Firm High Quality
Premium– Medium High Quality
HD23– Soft High Quality
Standard Medium– Medium Occasional Use
Plush Soft– Soft Occasional Use
Charcoal Firm Solid Sheets & Pink ant-static Foam for Packaging

Foam Mattresses

Mattress Size we offer….
Twin Round Mattress– 96”, 84”, 72” and 60” Diamiter
Full Baby Foam– Mattress, play pin, play mats, changing table
King Mattress Topers
California King 4lbs gel memory foam
Hospital Bed Latex Foam and Toppers
Bunk Bed Eggcrate Convoluted High Quality
Day Bed Mattress Topper Solutions
Tri-Fold Mattresses

Outdoor Foam

Outdoor foam we offer….
EZ Drain Dry Foam– Seat and Back Cushions
Dacron Foam- Occasional Use Seat and Back Cushions
Regicell Foam– Speaker Foam
Ensolite Closed Cell Foam

Child Safety Foam

Round, Rectangle & Square Charcoal Firm Indoor Foam
Round, Rectangle & Square Minicell Firm Outdoor Foam
Custom Pole Bumpers for….
Free Standing Wall Pole Post
Curbside Protection
Wood Sandbox Protection
Corner Protection
Machine Protection

Pet Beds

Pet foam we offer….
Solid Foam Beds
Foam Filler for Cars & Trucks
Custom Sewn Covers with Zipper
Shredded Foam Firm Filling
Cluster Fill Soft Filling
Cozy Pet Bolster Bed
Pet Stairs Case & Pet Ramps
Custom Size Available with foam

Foam Accessories

Foam Accessories we sell….
Shredded Foam– charcoal color, any color, memory foam & pyramids peanuts
Soft Cluster fill Dacron filling
Feather & Down filling
Bean Bad Pellets
Foam & Dacron Scraps
Dacron Wrap & Cotton Felt Batting
Upholstery Supplies– poly foam with cloth backing, mesh liner, vinyl & clear
plastic vinyl, elasbelt webbing & clips, cardboard economy tack strips, flex trimpil
grip metal and Velcro & zipper.
Camping Pads
Waterproof Foam– Rooftop and corner protectors, knee pads, balancing I-Beams

Medical Foam

Different types of Medical Foam we offer…...
Leg Wedges
Stress Relief Back support Wedge– half size or full bed sizes
Stress Relief memory foam– neck, back, seat & legs
Stress Relief foam pillows– neck, back, seat & legs
Medical Foam Accessories- back, seat & legs with custom sew vinyl covers
Custom sew covers with vinyl

Polystyrene Accessories

Different Shapes of Polystyrene we offer…
Round & Square with Hollow cut out
Solid shapes– round, square, rectangle, oval, star, and heart
Floral Arrangement- round, square, rectangle, oval
Solid Blocks
Decoration– Numbers, Letters, Tubes, Photo Studio Prop
Table decorations for birthday, graduation, holidays & new year
Hot Tub Jacuzzi
Hot Wire Knifes
Custom Polystyrene Foam

Noise Control Foam

Wedge Shape
Pyramid Shape
Bass Absorbers and Corner Kits
Ceiling Tiles & Panels
Convoluted Eggcrate Sheets
Available colors are charcoal, red, burgundy, blue, green, purple
Acoustic foam with closed cell barrier to block noise
Solid charcoal firm Foam for windows to block noise & sun light

Pillow Forms

Pillow Forms can be made in any shape and size out of…
Foam Back Bolsters
Foam– Round, square & lumber
Poly Fill Filling- Round, square & lumber
Feather & Down Filling- Round, square & lumber
Custom Sewing is available with piping and zipper