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    Acoustic Columns Style NC-108


    Style NC-108 is a specially designed lightweight column that can be installed quickly and easily. These columns are made for absorbing mid-bass to low-frequency sound.

    Kit #1- Stylish Musical Note Tiles


    Kit #1- Stylish Musical Note Tiles are made of flame-retardant open-cell/Urethane-Ether Foam. They are light weight and can be installed easily. You can group pieces together or separate the pieces, each will soundproof your room.

    Kit #2 - Guitar Tiles


    Kit #2 - Guitar Tiles are made of Flame-retardant open-cell/Urethane-Ether foam and have both residential and industrial applications. All the foams are MVSS 302 Flame Tests, Flame-Retardant tested.

    Kit #3 - Stylish Circle Tiles


    Kit #3 - Stylish Circle Tiles have an attractive design that you can assemble to get your desired look. They are lightweight and perfect for making your room soundproof.

    Kit #4 - Stylish Interlocked Wedge Tiles


    Kit #4 - Stylish Interlocked Wedge Tiles are made of Flame-retardant open-cell foam and come with a special interlocked design. They are best for trapping and deflecting sound energy at the work place.

    Kit #B0


    Kit #B0 foam music notes design is lightweight and easy to install. This foam is made of flame-retardant, open-cell/Urethane-Ether foam and can be placed anywhere on the wall where bass frequencies tend to peak.

    Create Your Own Kit