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    Acoustic Ceiling Panels

    Acoustic ceiling tiles are offered in different sizes and styles to improve the acoustic quality of any decorative applications space such as commercial buildings, gyms, schools, showrooms, offices and rooms in your house and even basements. Our ceiling foam tiles can provide absorption, diffuse sound and block nose escaping the room.

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    Acoustic Ceiling Tiles


    Acoustic Ceiling Tiles have outstanding sound absorption qualities. They can be used as a drop ceiling or glued directly to the ceiling. Specially designed to trap and deflect sound energy.

    Stylish Ceiling Tiles


    Stylish Ceiling Tile designs are very pleasing to the eye and offer outstanding sound absorption qualities. They are designed to trap and deflect sound energy. They are made of open-cell, flame retardant polyester foam.

    Ceiling Tile Panels


    Ceiling Tile Panels come with hooks a hanging solution to improve noise control. Acoustic baffles are recommended for industrial or home entertainment rooms where there is limited wall space.

    Stone Brick Panels


    Stone Brick Panels come as a sticker type, with adhesive back; which make it easily adjustable to fit your interior design. This foam type is mildew resistant and thermal insulation tested.

    Acoustic Ceiling Panels