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    Foam Accessories

    Foam Accessories we sell….
    Shredded Foam– charcoal color, any color, memory foam & pyramids peanuts
    Soft Cluster fill Dacron filling
    Feather & Down filling
    Bean Bad Pellets
    Foam & Dacron Scraps
    Dacron Wrap & Cotton Felt Batting
    Upholstery Supplies– poly foam with cloth backing, mesh liner, vinyl & clear
    plastic vinyl, elasbelt webbing & clips, cardboard economy tack strips, flex trimpil
    grip metal and Velcro & zipper.
    Camping Pads
    Waterproof Foam– Rooftop and corner protectors, knee pads, balancing I-Beams

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    Shredded Memory Foam


    This Soft Shredded Memory Foam is high-quality and can be used for padding cushions of many types such as: bean bags, dog beds, bed pillows and much more.

    Soft Cluster Fill Dacron


    Soft Cluster Fill Dacron is high quality with a comfortable feel. It can be used for many types of projects such as: filling sofa cushions, throw pilliows, toy stuffing and any other micellaneous cushions.

    Stuffing Packing Peanuts - Pyramid Shape


    This Polyurethane foam is a three-dimensional Pyramid shape, which provides excellent cushioning and prevents items from shifting. This foam provides secure protection against external effects and damage.

    Upholstery Webbing & Clips


    Elasbelt Webbing can be used as an alternative to springs and replaces Pirelli Webbing. It is extremely durable and provides optimal support that is very comfortable. It's great for dining chairs, lounge chairs and other seating.

    Foam Accessories