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    Custom Cut Foam

    Foam N' More replaces the foams in sofas, sectionals, and chairs for both seat and back cushions anywhere in home, office, and businesses. You can bring in your cushion covers to our shop to have the foam replaced. If you live out of state, you can mail in covers, make paper templates, or just give us sizes and we can custom make them to any shape and size. 

    This type of replacement is good for people who love their furniture but do not want to spend the time and expenses on replacing it.  This type of service is good for truck mattresses, recreational vehicles, antique beds with odd sizes, benches, bay windows, window seat cushions, round cushions, dining room chairs, pet beds, bar stool and seat pads, couch cushions, boat cushions, camping pads, foam bar railing, footstools, round mattresses and foam fillers (plug) for windows or bed frames. 


    Custom Curve Seat Cushion Foam Seat Cushion Custom Shape to size Seat and Back Foam Cushion Custom Foam Seat Cushion Foam Cushion for Rocking Chair Foam Seat Cushion Chair Set 


    Custom Cut Cushions Replacement include...
    Back Cushions– foam back bolster, box style, knife edge & Turkish Corner pleats.
    Seat Cushion— Custom cut any shape and style for sofa, bar & bay seating, and dining area.
    All Foam Seating– Ottomans, Arabic back and seat cushions
    Dining or Kitchen Chairs
    Custom shapes– mail-in paper templates, rocking chairs
    Custom Covers and Dacron wrap on all seats and back cushions are available.
    Custom made Mattresses for camping, traveling, boats, and guest beds

    We can replace foam in any sofa cushions. T-shape, L-Shape, beveled, and or round cushions.

    We also supply fiber-fill dacron wrap to give the cushions a softer and more rounded look.

    For out-of-town customers, you can mail in paper templates or a drawing , for us to follow custom shapes.

    Another Important Note: Our Polyurethane foam only comes 82″ long x 76" wide, foam ordered of bigger size will have to be glued together.
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    Dining Kitchen Chair Foam

    Starting at

    Foam Replacement for kitchen, dining room or chair seats is available to enhanced comfortable seating and relaxation during family gathering . Most common is the Luxury firm foam which latest up to 10 years. We can supply any size up to 6” thick.

    Custom covers are available. Please contact us for details.

    Back Bolster

    Starting at

    Custom foam back cushions are our specialty. This back wedge bolster is designed with an angled surface to rest your back while watching TV or reading a book in furniture’s that does not have a back cushion such as futon mattress, beds, daybeds, studio couches an even outdoor cushion. This style will give your house a decorative look in any room.

    Custom covers are available. Please contact us for details.

    Right\Left Window Cushion

    Starting at

    Common Uses: Right/Left Side trapezoid Shape

    Kitchen Seats, Dining Room, Bay window Area 

    Custom covers are available. Please contact us for details.

    Back Cushion

    Starting at

    Common Uses:  Rectangle, T-Shape and L- Shape Cushions

    Couch Cushions with backs, Back cushions for Sofa, Sectional, Chairs, Reliners

    Styles: Box Style, Knife Edge Style

    Custom covers are available. Please contact us for details.

    Odd Shaped Custom Foam

    Starting at Call for pricing
    Do you have a unique shape? Custom cut foam is our specialty! We can cut foam to any size and shape. Foam special angle or odd shapes please email or fax drawling with measurements or mail a paper template that best resembles the shape you like us to cut and we will do the rest. We can do almost any size. Please use our contact form to send us the description and measurements you need! We'll get back to you with an estimate.