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    Our complete room kits are designed to make the job of improving the overall look of your studio, control room, or home theatre that is easy and affordable. These kits are perfect and are completely do-it-yourself. They come complete and ready for installation. If you are interested in adding more items, feel free to call us with the quantity you need and we will do everything we can to meet your personal needs.

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    Kit #2 - Guitar Tiles

    Starting at $99.99

    Kit #2 - Guitar Tiles are made of Flame-retardant open-cell/Urethane-Ether foam and have both residential and industrial applications. All the foams are MVSS 302 Flame Tests, Flame-Retardant tested.

    Kit #3 - Stylish Circle Tiles

    Starting at $99.99

    Kit #3 - Stylish Circle Tiles have an attractive design that you can assemble to get your desired look. They are lightweight and perfect for making your room soundproof.

    Kit #4 - Stylish Interlocked Wedge Tiles

    Starting at $99.99

    Kit #4 - Stylish Interlocked Wedge Tiles are made of Flame-retardant open-cell foam and come with a special interlocked design. They are best for trapping and deflecting sound energy at the work place.

    Kit #B0

    Starting at $125.00

    Kit #B0 foam music notes design is lightweight and easy to install. This foam is made of flame-retardant, open-cell/Urethane-Ether foam and can be placed anywhere on the wall where bass frequencies tend to peak.

    Kit #B1

    Starting at $125.00

    Kit #B1 foams are musical instruments designed to be placed together or separately on your wall according to your interior design. This foam is lightweight and gives you a soundproof room.

    Kit #B10

    Starting at $24.95

    (1) With Stylish Pyramid Tiles- 24″x 48″x 2″ Thick