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    Foam Accessories

    Foam N More provides quality foam products for all purposes including many foam accessories.

    The following are various Foam Accessories we offer….
    Shredded Foam– charcoal color, any color, memory foam & pyramids peanuts
    Soft Cluster fill Dacron filling
    Feather & Down filling
    Bean Bad Pellets
    Foam & Dacron Scraps
    Dacron Wrap & Cotton Felt Batting
    Upholstery Supplies– poly foam with cloth backing, mesh liner, vinyl & clear
    plastic vinyl, elasbelt webbing & clips, cardboard economy tack strips, flex trimpil
    grip metal and Velcro & zipper.
    Camping Pads
    Waterproof Foam– Rooftop and corner protectors, knee pads, balancing I-Beams

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    Foam Scraps

    Starting at $7.50

    Our Foam Scraps are inexpensive and have multiple uses such as packaging, shipping delicates, padding, and cushioning.

    Foam with Skin On One Side

    Starting at $26.95

    Our Foam with Skin On One Side can be used for seat padding; both indoor and outdoor as well as the pool and tub. It can also be used in protecting and packaging goods.

    Non-Slip Drawer Liner Mesh

    Starting at $12.85

    Non-Slip Drawer Liner Mesh is a protective covering that's an easy solution for covering shelves, lining drawers, and cabinets. It's easy to cut and custom fit for any application.

    Poly Foam With Cloth Backing (Remay)

    Starting at $3.00

    This cloth material is laminated with polyurethane foam on one side and is commonly used in both home and automotive upholstery for a variety of different uses.

    Safety Face Shields

    Starting at $3.00
    Latex free, fiberglass free and distortion free Foam head comfort strips relieves pressure Lightweight Optically clear Direct Splash Protection Manufacturing Custom Face Shields and Washable Hand Mask right in Michigan. Maximize your social distancing by purchasing this product and we will also donate to medical staff and first responders.

    Shredded Foam

    Starting at $12.00

    This high-quality Shredded Foam is mixed with 1.8lbs to 2.8lbs density and comes without skin. Our shredded foam can be used in throw pillows, cushions, patio furniture, cushion backs and many other applications.