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    Child Safety Foam

    We offer the following foam for various uses in child safety:

    • Round, Rectangle & Square Charcoal Firm Indoor Foam
    • Round, Rectangle & Square Minicell Firm Outdoor Foam
    • Custom Pole Bumpers for….
    • Free Standing Wall Pole Post
    • Curbside Protection
    • Wood Sandbox Protection
    • Corner Protection
    • Machine Protection
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    Pole Bumper- Indoor

    Starting at $27.95

    Protect your child by adorning your metal or wooden poles with our Indoor Pole Bumpers. These foam tubes easily wrap around poles. With a single slit along the side, you just open and push over the pole. They can be used on round or square poles. Custom shapes and sizes are available.

    Pole Bumper- Outdoor Minicell Foam

    Starting at $73.94

    Our waterproof closed-cell outdoor pole bumpers are perfect for use as column protectors, dock poles, and canopies. The bumpers are made of 1" thick padding mini-cell foam. Custom sizes and covers are available.

    Punching Bag Inserts

    Starting at $152.00

    Punching Bag Inserts can be custom made to fit your poles. You can also add sand in the middle of the Rebounded Foam to hold it in place. This polyurethane foam insert is long-lasting and provides ample cushioning. Other custom shapes and sizes are available.

    Wall Pads

    Starting at $145.00

    Our wall pads are waterproof and made of firm minicell. The pads come in vinyl and grommets to protect walls and elevators from damage as well as absorb noise. These wall pads can also protect kids from getting injured on indoor and outdoor applications. Custom sizes and covers are available.

    Child Safety Foam