4lbs Gel Memory Foam

For superior comfort and support use our 4lbs Gel Memory Foam.  With innovative dual-wave gel technology it provides cradling comfort and enhanced pressure relief. This foam will increase circulation, contour and mold perfectly to your body, reducing pressure points to give you the restful sleep you need. It is the perfect topper for guest beds, air mattresses, waterbeds, daybeds or any other matresses you can think of. 

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4lbs Gel Memory Foam

4lbs Memory Gel Provides superior comfort PLUS Support. Our innovative dual-wave gel technology reinforces enveloping open cell breathable visco foam with gel-infused waves to provide enhances support along with cradling comfort.

4lbs Memory Gel is perfect for the top comfort layer of mattress for the perfect balance of comfort, support and enhances pressure relief. 4lbs Memory Gel is also CrtiPur-US certified meaning it is made without formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, ozone depleters, and provides low VOC emissions for indoor air quality. Its superior properties are largely a result of the VPF manufacturing technology which ensures consistent high quality and environmentally friendly foam.

Our toppers make every waterbed, futon, pullout sofa, air-bed, guest bed, or any other mattress just right. Some customers even use toppers right on the floor as a last minute guest bed! Memory foam will increase circulation, contour perfectly and mold to your body, reducing pressure points to give you the restful sleep you need. This unique Memory Topper is an extremely strong high-density 100% visco-elastic foam which molds to every curve of your body for a soft supportive pad. This foam is temperature sensitive. It’s like no other sleep product you’ve ever felt before.

Common Uses: Seat, Medical cushions, mattresses, mattresses toppers .

Available Thickness: 1", 2", 3", 4" Thick

Available Sizes:
24" x 82"
36" x 82"
76" x 82"

Best way to cut the open cell foam is with a sharp knife or electric turkey knife, just repeat in 1 direction over and over again in one direction to get a clean cut. Please note that if you order these size sheets they may be bigger than actual size as listed.

Please note: When comparing different types of foam with other companies it is most important to look at the density and ILD of the foam.

Foam density is a specific measurement of how much weight in pounds polyurethane foam can handle per cubic foot. This density rating tells you the strength of the foam. The height the number the longer the foam will last. It should not be used exclusively as a sign of durability or comfort, because firmness and lifespan of foam products like mattresses and cushions, depend on many factors, including density. The density may vary slightly between each foam shipments.

ILD or IFD measurement firmness of how hard or soft a foam is. The higher number the foam is, the firmer the foam is. Also represents how many pounds the foam will hold before it collapse. If you take a block of foam 12″ x 12″ x 12″ cube, after the certain ILD is reach that foam will collapse.

We vacuum pack the foam to reduce on shipping cost. you will have to give the foam 1-2 days to come back to its original shape. It will look a little misshaped and not measure to correct size until after you let it expand back out.