Pyramid Acoustic Corner Bass Trap- for Outer Edge

Outer Edge Corner Pyramid Bass Traps

Stylish Bass Absorbers

Stylish Bass Absorbers

Stylish Tiles w/ Foam Columns

Available Sizes: 24" x 24" x 4" Thick

6 different styles to choose from!

As low as $28.85
In stock
Stylish Tiles w/ Foam Columns

Comes with (2) Stylish Tiles w/ Foam Columns-24” x 24” x 4”

Our complete room kits are designed to make the job of improving the acoustics of your studio, control room, or home theater easy and affordable. These kits are perfect and completely do-it-yourself. They come complete. If you are interested in adding more items, feel free to call us with the quantity you need and we will do everything we can to meet your needs. We also have multiple types of colored foams to choose from. If you are interested in colored foam, feel free to e-mail us with the color you are interested in.

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