Corner Kit for Ceiling- Small

Corner Kit for Ceiling- Small

Outer Edge Corner Pyramid Bass Traps

Outer Edge Corner Pyramid Bass Traps

Stone Brick Panels

APPLICATIONS: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

Available Sizes: 30-1/2″x 28"

COLORS AVAILABLE: White, Beige, Pink, Green.

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Stone Brick Panels

Foam Stone Brick Wall Panels, with Adhesive Backing Sheets measure 30-1/2″x 28″

Quantity is 12 per case (66 SQ FT) $139.99 (Free Shipping)

CHOOSE YOUR COLOR!!!! Pink, Green, Black, Gray and White

Special Advantage of Foam Brick:
1. It can be easily pasted as a sticker type. Easy Construction, good interior effect. As a strong Adhesive, some materials(steel Door, Cement wall,Lumber,Plaster Board ,Wallpaper, tile) can easily put on foam brick.2. Using a P.E materials is personnel safety Comparing to PVC materials, Feeling of cushion and Excellent Repulsive power is remarkable so it’s safety for growing kids when crashing on the wall.3. Certifying that No found Toxic Substance (Lead, Mercury) and Best 6 Contamination It’s safety for growing children because of No found Toxic Substance.4. Mildew, Resistibility, Thermal and Insulation Test passed /Insulation Effect /Soundproofs/ Shock Absorption. Resistibility for Mildew upon the wall in winter Season can make a Proliferative inhibition and reduce Energy for insulating effect.5. The surface that coated specially can easily and simply clean the foam brick. When contaminating such as coffee stain on the special coated surface, wet tower can get rid of contamination on foam brick.

Simply D.I.Y Foam Brick our home looks like coffee shop! Foam brick can be effect on real brick which is seem like to paste upon the wall by using adhesive sheet like brick shape that has effect on a light and three-dimensional effect. Anyone can easily paste foam brick which is sticker type upon the wall.The Stone Brick foam that absorbs noise at the medium and high frequency ranges. This foam is very highly rated. The Stone Brick foam gives you a different look for sound blocking so no noise passes through.Foam Stone Brick Wall Panels Wall Decor Wallpaper with Adhesive Backing
Application: Home and office wall decoration, TV walls, Living room walls, Bedroom walls, Day Care Facility, School plays, Arts and Crafts.
PE Foam wallpaper panel can cover imperfection in the dry wall and hide crayons marks done by toddlers
Anti-collision, waterproof, it has a texture in the surface shows you more abundant visual experience.
Safety and environmental protection, non-toxic, stains and mildew resistant, odor-free. COLORS AVAILABLE: White, Beige, Pink, Green.

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